Monday , March 1 2021

Police officers injured, fire …: Third night of flooding in Brussels

L.He and police and firefighters had to intervene after a fire broke out in a garbage-filled container and trash can in the northern Neder-over-Hembek, north of Brussels, on Monday night. This information was reported The latest news Confirmed by police.

For both incidents, firefighters quickly arrived at the scene and brought the fire under control. However, there was some damage to the roof of a garbage dump. Ills van de Keer, spokesman for the Brussels-Capitol-Ixels police zone, said:

This is the third night that the police have had to intervene. Other containers and containers were set on fire overnight from Saturday to Sunday. Police had to intervene due to a fight between the youths on Sunday to Monday night. Bruce recalls that agents were targeted by projectors at the same spot and that three of them were injured.

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