Tuesday , September 27 2022

Samsung Galaxy S22: Its design has been revealed


Samsung’s season is coming to an end and the next launch event on October 20 is called “Galaxy Unpacked – Part 2”. This year marks the last moment for the Korean manufacturer, and it is already turning into 2022, with the launch of its flagship Galaxy S22, the first details of which have already begun to leak on the web. From this time onwards information continues to flow directly to social networking sites Twitter. It is the design of the models that is slowly starting to adapt with this new image.

As is often the case at Samsung, the first person to give us information is the Ice Universe leaker. The latter is now available online Image of security windows in Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 + versions, Set aside with the same window intended for this year’s super devices Galaxy S21 and S21 +.

We can see that the “thin” side of the Galaxy S21 has been pushed aside The next generation to take advantage of the rounded corners as well as the slender edges and wide body. The whole gives the impression of solid machinery so that the whole hand can be easily grasped.

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