Tuesday , January 25 2022

Sebastian Ogier fined 2,000


Of course, Sebastian Ogier and Julian Ingrasia have “At 5:22 pm on Saturday, October 16, a car passed in front of them on a link using the right hand lane.”

Following the incident, the Toyota Yaris WRC N ° 1 was stopped by police, but the French driver disobeyed the order and continued on his way to the final special event in Salo.

For these two offenses, Sebastian Ogier was logically fined $ 2,000 by FIA trustees.

The Frenchman and his co-driver and team were spotted with sports director Caj Lindstrom at Service Park at 9:05 last night. Here is an excerpt from the trustees’ list and therefore an explanation of this season.

The driver said that at the roundabout where the incident took place, the police had blocked the road.
He admitted that he had passed the car in front of him on the right and apologized for the deviation. However, he said he did not understand the police officer’s handprints because he was not in front of the car queue and often signaled to cross the traffic. Moreover, he said he crossed the roundabout at low speed.

Following this “hearing,” Stuarts concluded that Sebastian O’Groats did not comply with Section 34.3.1 of the FIRA WRC 2021 Sports Regulations, which required staff to comply with National Traffic Law.

A similar offense has already been sanctioned in Croatia at the start of the season and French nationals will no longer be punished.

Mr. Ojier was also fined for the same offense during the same period.

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