Tuesday , May 24 2022

The split historic division of Daimler into the Mercedes-Benz Group


Almost unanimously, Daimler’s supervisory board validated a split that had been announced for months. The team’s rigorous duty division will actually be completely detached from the car. The main idea is to give freedom to “trucks” in the end, as Martin Dove, boss of Daimler Trucks, explained.Until now, we had to be biased towards the decisions made by our colleagues in the automotive industry. In the future we will be able to choose our own path“.

And for good reason. Dividing is not a coincidence, as environmental transitions affect cars and heavy goods vehicles in different ways. Daimler also points out that battery-powered electric cars are more suitable for cars, while heavy vehicles benefit from the development of hydrogen, which is more suitable for commercial transport.

Despite the split, Mercedes retains a 35% stake in the truck segment. This is the group’s largest reorganization since Chrysler was sold to Fiat in 2007.

This split is not only a strategic consequence, the Daimler team will change its name and call it “Mercedes Benz Group” from next February.

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