Monday , April 12 2021

Tunisia: successful take-off for "Weldi" by Mohamed Ben Attia and Dardenne brothers


Since Wednesday in Belgian cinemas, the film "Weldi", co-produced by Dardenne brothers, contributed to the days of the Carthage Film Days where it was sold out, the Belgian agency said in Tunis. The 29th session of the Cartographic Film Day (JCC) takes place from Saturday to November 10, in the heart of the capital of Tunisia. Among Belgian co-productions, the fiction "Weldi" in Arabic is translated into "My dear child" in French.

This second feature film, Mohamed Ben Attia, talks about the drama of a worker, the father of a very classy family, who sees his 19-year-old son vanquished in Syria.

Released in May during the forty-four directors of Cannes, the work was selected at the FIFF in Namur before the October Award of the Grand Prize of the Arte Mare Film Festival in Bastia. Since then, distribution contracts have been signed, among others, China and Brazil.

Like his fellow Mahmoud Ben Mahmoud, who directed "Fatwa," the other JCC film produced by Dardenne brothers, Mohamed Ben Attia deals with the delicate theme of religious fanaticism, but at a very different angle.

"The people there made us fantastic when finally the families that look like ours," says the young director. "The phenomenon is completely fired, obvious, we fail to understand ins and outs, I believe that unemployment or poverty are not the only factors that can lead to such drama, as well as emotional misery, existential misery." In my movie, there is no question of judgment in any case. "

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