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Of the victims, seven are single family and a 2 year old mother enters. Risk is contamination by Rabies virus

Last week, blood flows from the blood of the Munas on the banks of the flowering plant and attacked it. Seven of the disappeared are living in the same family, two-year old child and mother and two other residents. Risk is the infection of rabbit virus.

According to the City of Manhattan, this case took place in the new Jerusalem community of the Mindia River, located in Rio Nego, in the rural area of ​​Manousse, about 80 kilometers from Prague. Mother and child attack on January 13.

An eight-member team of Ambassadrat's strategic information center had contacted the Municipal Health Secretariat (SEMMA) on Saturday after a series of assaults. Prevention measures with the household. "On the 13th of January, on the 13th of January, the child and mother's mother and mother had to be removed by the Epidemiological Unit, in order to ensure the child's aggressiveness." Elijah.

According to the reports of the mother who reported the symptoms of fever and abdominal pain after two days after the assault, according to the secretary. Both of them were transferred to Manas, and they donated Hector Vaira Dorode to the Tropical Medical Foundation, where they received blood and injections.

Also, Saturday's (19) morning, another five men were transferred from the same family. It provided injections and vaccines and blood or immune immunizations. According to Smash, the victim, who has not been diagnosed by the virus, has caused any symptoms of human rabies disease. Nowadays a woman who has suffered from a blast in the blast has wreaked havoc on rabies

Bottle type

According to the Town Hall, a professional team enters the community on Tuesday (22), and blood-sucking species have caused invasions. The team consists of the SEMA's Environmental and Epidemiological Unit (Deve), the Expert Expert on Epidemiology and Sanzing Center (CCZ) and the FVS technicians.

Teamwork will be in the night. The delegates take bats to analyze the Wampirisidae Pulp to remove the remaining agents. "We believe that horses, cattle, chickens, dogs and cats can change the behavior of normal bacteria in the blood of animals," said Dr. Marina Ferrera, a nursing officer with final blood blood.



According to the Department of Urban Health, all bats can carry on the rabies disease. But by human transmission the slit of the animal needs touching. According to this company, Animal Heahtafo's main therapist is the main transmitter.

Rabies campaign

From December last year, the city of Manas entered the pre-historic town of Anatarabic. Animals, 234,329 samples, 170,421 eels and 63,908 cats were covered. In the rural areas, the campaign injected 12,606 animals in 2018,

The work has gone from house to house, but if the pigs do not vaccinate at the injection site, they can find injections of steady places. The CCC's headquarters, Avineeda Brasil, Company, Sony Ozage and Anika de Camendo, George Tereera, are located on a mobile phone on the Periphery Dawn stores in Leste. The two permanent stations will be open from Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm, on Saturdays. 8 to a.

What Is Anger?

Rabies is a serious viral infection that affects mammals, including humans. It is considered as biosyncrasy. It is transmitted to human beings, and it is a disease known as common and acute encephalitis.

It is transmitted by scarring and / or propagation by means of slides by infected animals, mainly bytes. Annual vaccination of dogs and cats An effective measure for the anti-rabies control activities of these animals. Therefore, it is human radionuclide.

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