Sunday , February 28 2021

Abel proposes the debate and points out how to reduce the calendar in BR

Abel Ferreira considered that Palmyra did better in the 1-1 draw with Sao Paulo because there was a long break. After exchanging ten players between Coritiba, losing to Choc-Ray on Wednesday (17) and yesterday (19), the coach again proposed a debate to reduce the dates on the Brazilian football calendar.

“Is it necessary for a state to have so many teams? Can’t he take one or two? Instead of 20 teams, he could not take one or two in Brasilerio. Can you bruise in Copa? [a final], A game with a neutral field like in Libertadores? What does this mean? Appreciating the vision of the game of football, the players create an opportunity for the national team to produce fresh players.

Earlier, CBF Vice President Francisco Novelato mocked Palmeiras’ calendar issue: “Who said you want to win everything?”. Verdo reached the final of all the stadiums he played for in Sri Lanka and still had to travel to Qatar to play for the world. The schedule was very tight.

Abel says the time difference between the match against Coritiba and the classic against Sඕo Paulo is only 50 hours – at least 72 hours. Therefore, the alignment changed practically everything. Willian only started both games.

“If we want to appreciate the Brazilian players and the national team, we can see a good game when we watch the games. It was a good game today, with two fresh teams, healed players. We must be able to heal and provide good sports, and we must all be willing to change what has not changed in a long time.

The coach is of the opinion that coaches, officials and even televisions with broadcasting rights for tournaments can discuss. At Chock-ri, Wardo reached 75 games this season.

“In my opinion, we can do more for the player, for Brazilian football. We have unique stadiums, excellent training centers, but we have to provide conditions. You see all the coaches in Europe crying today. Does not provide a good show, I ask for reflection, Brazilian football is better and appreciated, ”he added.

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