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Cláudio Tinoco

Cláudio Tinoco

Secretary of Culture and Tourism of the Municipality of Salvador Cláudio Tinoco hesitates to respond to communal management more effectively in the implementation of projects than the state government. According to him, it has prompted the mayor of ACM Net (DEM) to take over the leadership and begin the process of building the Salvadorian congress center, which is already under construction. "We see the beginning of a series of projects, but we can not see or execute it. That is Salvador-Itaparica Bridge, so it was the case of this congress center and, twice, I read the Secretary of Tourism [José Alves] they say he's in the governor's desk. So it was in January and it was in October. Therefore, the secretary places responsibility on the governor's wing and we do not see the answer, we do not hear the answer and that has happened, "he criticizes.

In this context, the prefecture project is expected in September 2019, and according to Tinoco there is already a calendar of about 30 events planned for this area.

Along with cultural tourism as one of the cornerstones for promoting the city, the city also wants to focus on the project of the Musical Museum. The plan is to spend it in Casarão dos Azulejos by 2020, with an investment of over 10 million R $. "We will have enough resources not only to complete this reconstruction but, above all, to set up a museum within the concept we want, an area integrated into four properties in Cair Square, sustainability, not only because the museum is expográfico, museográfico mostly music productions, spaces, auditoriums that will be able to record … that music production in Salvador can be activated or activated by it, "he describes.

As for his withdrawal from the candidate for election to the deputy state, Tinoco believes he has not fulfilled the conditions for his candidacy to be sustainable. Alderman licensed from the City Hall of Salvador (CMS), spent all of 2017 in the executive branch of Bahia Capital.

"I think because of my position last year I was not able to get support in the interior despite having many friends and having worked for nearly ten years at the state level," he thinks.

The secretary also did not leave a map in ACM Net Management to run for the House Presidency, as expected. In an interview with Bahia News, she explains her motives to continue in the city hall and in the next two years details the other projects for Salvador's culture and tourism.

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