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Federal Council for Medical and Public Health of Brazil – 10/17/2021


General Note # 38 that The Commission for the Defense of Human Rights, Dom Paulo Evaristo Arnes, has publicly expressed its surprise and outrage at the conduct of the Federal Medical Council (CFM) and its chairman, Dr. Mauro Ribeiro, who were confirmed during the epidemic.

Under the pretext of protecting medical autonomy, the aforementioned council was specifically created by a federal agency to monitor the conduct and practices of this sector, in violation of the conscientious objections of health professionals, which is a moral requirement of professionals. 4/2020 Approved the CFM opinion and considered the use of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine on various occasions and it is effective today.

According to CFM 4/2020, the use of drugs that are already known to be ineffective is considered to be ineffective for patients with (i) mild symptoms, (ii) patients with significant symptoms, but without strict need. In intensive care and (iii) critically ill patients receiving intensive care with lung injuries, including mechanical ventilation, it is difficult to imagine that these drugs could have a clinically significant effect (conclusion in opinion!).

When the chairman of the CFM acknowledged that there was no scientific evidence to prove the success of the drugs released, the lack of political motivation and scientific rigidity became apparent at a virtual meeting on May 7, 2020, in front of the Govt. The release was “completely contrary to the rules of the Council.” Claim, in the same case OnlineHow absurd it is to say that the medical class was severely affected by the popularity of medicine during the time of President Dilma Rousseff, and that the current President of the Republic meets all the demands of the Council!

It should be noted that the World Health Organization (WHO) and other organizations in the region do not mention the unfortunate opinion of sanitary recommendations such as social distance, quarantine, use of masks, mass testing and vaccination. Preventive measures. However, recognizing the experimental nature of the opinion recommendation, the American Association for Infectious Diseases reminds us that only patients who are hospitalized under clinical research protocols are assisted to be treated with these drugs.

The silent question is: if this is the case, then, as is clearly accepted, why issue ineffective drugs if the republican president’s arguments cannot be substantiated? It should be noted that these are not just harmful drugs, on the contrary, they are drugs that can adversely affect an already debilitating health condition.

It should be noted that Article 99 of the Code of Medical Ethics prohibits the physician from participating in any experience with military, political, ethnic, evangelical or other motives that violate human dignity. Despite all this, like Pilate, the chairman of CFM, he says again and again: We do not recommend anything. We only allow the use of drugs.

Due to the internal policies of the CFM and its Chairman, what is needed is medical encouragement, not medical self-regulation. The council also wants to make it clear that professionals who follow the wrong prescription and are “outside the rules of the CFM” will not be penalized. Violate the moral. This is, in fact, an exception to the rule of law and a code of ethics!

A few days ago, the Federal Public Safety Bureau issued a civil lawsuit to the Federal Court of Sඕo Paulo, requesting that the CFM be held accountable for all of these behaviors and that CFM’s 4/2020 and its validity be suspended immediately.

By doing so, Kovid-19 will bring justice to the hundreds of thousands of Brazilians who have died, and to all professionals who are still fighting, including hundreds of doctors and health professionals at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic. The health epidemic and the misinformation epidemic that subtly seeks to weaken the mass vaccine by inducing herd immunity. Brazilian doctors who honor the oath of Hippocrates on a daily basis should not receive this irresponsible CFM, which endangers their lives and the health of their families. Literally, the Federal Court of So Paulo.

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