Thursday , June 24 2021

NASA releases first audio and video of the Perversion robot on Mars – Science

WASHINGTON – A NASA Released Monday, the 22nd Management Mars. This is the sound of the wind taken by the relentless robot. “What you hear in 10 seconds is that a wind on the surface of Mars was sent back to Earth by a microphone,” said Perseverance, the camera and the engineer behind the microphone.

The agency also released the first video of its arrival on Earth. It’s a three – and – a – half minute high resolution file showing the white parachute coming out.

“This is the first time we’ve been able to record an event like the arrival of Mars,” said Thomas Serbuchen, NASA’s science administrator. The relentless landing was “as close as anyone can get to Mars without a suit of pressure,” he said.

Launched July 30, 2020 The robot landed last Thursday the 18th. Chief of Operations Jessica Samuels says the robot worked as expected. She signaled that she was preparing for a flight with a small robotic helicopter, called Ingeniti, but explained that the team had not yet found a suitable location.

With intelligence, they will attempt to make their first flight through another planet under an atmosphere that is 1% of Earth’s ity.

The uninterrupted mission should last for two years and the robot will continue to be active. Its predecessor, Curiosity, landed on Mars and remained active eight years later. In the coming years, the task is to collect 30 samples of purple and earth from the tubes that will be sent to Earth by 2030.

In the past, Mars was warmer and wetter, but previous explorations have determined that the Earth is habitable. The purpose of the relentless pursuit is to determine whether the earth has truly provided protection for some form of life.

The robot takes the first samples in the northern summer. One of the first experiments was to obtain oxygen from the atmosphere of Mars, which consisted mainly of carbon dioxide. The idea is that humans do not need to carry oxygen from Earth every time they make their way to Mars.

Relentless effort is the fifth robot to come to Mars; It first landed in 1997. Everything was made by the U.S., and is already thinking of an operation with its people. However, the study is basic.

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