Sunday , February 28 2021

Newbank: R $ 50 Platinum Edition comes with a card; Do yours

that Nubank It has already released a great opportunity for its customers. The option was released by Digital Bank Nubank Platinum Also for those who have low scores or do not spend a lot of money per month.

To the customer through the card a The credit limit is $ 50. After that, the user can increase their limit according to the use of purple. In addition, the client may receive several benefits, for example travel counseling, international offers, and other options such as insurance.

Travel Counseling

The Nubank Platinum Card offers a great opportunity for those who wish to travel, as the card has unique offers, for example, can facilitate the customer with destinations and travel details such as a travel advisor.

In addition, the card gives you access to a selection of hotels and resorts that offer benefits such as pre-screening, breakfast and category enhancements.

International Allowances

Customers can count on special rewards when traveling abroad if they make purchases from partner foreign institutions and pay with their Nubank Platinum Credit Card.


Via Concierge MasterCard Platinum, Nubank provides access to general information, concert ticketing, restaurant booking and gift search and delivery services. Personal support for the call, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

Auto insurance

Consumers can rely on auto insurance when renting a car using their credit card. Nubank Platinum. Provides global coverage for insurance:

  • Theft
  • Damage from a sudden fire; or a
  • Or ision ttan.

Travel Medical Emergency Insurance

If you and your family face a medical emergency while traveling, the flag can assist and coordinate the provision of travel insurance.

MasterCard is amazing

MasterCard Serfrida is a connection program from MasterCard that offers offers in 1 light 2 mode, in various partners, through physical stores or online.

What can I do to get Nubank Platinum?

If you agree to get a Platinum card and want to avail the benefits of the virtual card, you will need to update the virtual version via the Nubank app.

If the customer already has a virtual gold card, they will want to delete it and create a new one. If not, create a virtual card, which will automatically become platinum.

It is worth noting that activating a new card will invalidate the old card.

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