Sunday , February 28 2021

Parakatu confirms two more deaths in Kovid-19 and reports 55 deaths from the disease

SecretariatUnitary Health (SMS) confirmed this Monday that Kovid-19 had caused two more deaths, with 55 deaths reported from the disease.

The 55th death of a 96-year-old woman occurred last Sunday (21). The elderly woman was admitted to the emergency room on February 15 with respiratory symptoms and was referred to the Kovid-19 ward on the same day.

The PCR-Antigen test was performed on 02/15 with a positive test for Kovid-19. The patient had systemic arterial hypertension as comorbidity; Love.

The 54th death of a 50-year-old man was reported on February 20. The victim was tested positive for 1/26 day of illness. The death occurred in the town of Ubaraba. The man was seen at the Parakatu Municipal Hospital on 02/03, where he was admitted to the Kovid ward until he was transferred to the Mario Palmario Hospital in Ubaraba on 02/05. Man had no comorbidity.

The latest death

The 53rd death of Kovid-19 was registered last Saturday (20). The victim was an 85-year-old man. He was admitted to Parakatu Municipal Hospital on February 7 and was referred to Kovid Ward 19/02 with respiratory symptoms.

The elderly man’s health deteriorated and he was transferred to Kovid-19 in the intensive care unit on February 13, where he remained in the hospital until February 19, where he died. The elderly person tested positive for Covid-19 on 02/07. The patient had comorbidity and also had systemic arterial hypertension.

Last Saturday, 32 new Kovid-19 patients were reported in the epidemic manifestation (20), 4,212 confirmed cases and 53 deaths. The number of suspected patients reported in the last 24 hours was 72 and it was 13,232. 5,250 were discarded and 3,745 were found.

Friday’s bulletin (19) showed 28 new cases of the disease and 60 new cases within 24 hours.

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