Sunday , February 28 2021

Protota criticized for ignoring Daniela Mercury’s show – Popline

Daniela Mercury, with a career spanning 30 years, is one of the biggest names in popular music of this generation. Her show on BBB21 last night was promoted by a beauty brand that sponsors a reality show. In a year without carnival, the brothers had the privilege of presenting the biggest names in axis music. However, ProJota does not seem to have enough fame – at least that’s what most viewers think.

See an excerpt from Daniela Mercury’s exhibition at BBB21:

Now, read a few tweets about ProJota’s behavior during the singer’s presentation:

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A member of the “hate office” – the group with the BBB21 denial as the public calls it – is definitely not among those who would like to earn 1.5 million rupees. This week, he is at CEPA, part of the House with less food options. In addition, the program’s production raised food prices – causing Protozoa to think about the possibility of starvation in the program. He warned: “I did not come here to starve. If I’ve hungry, I pack my bags. ”

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