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Renan says he delayed reading Kovid’s final CPI report Kovid’s CPI


Covid’s CPI correspondent Senator Renan Calheros (MDB-AL) postponed the reading of the commission’s final report from Sunday (17) to G1.

The reading was scheduled for next Tuesday (19), and according to Renan, there is no new date set yet. According to the reporter, the decision to postpone was taken by the chairman of the CPI, Omar Aziz (PSD-AM). Aziz’s adviser to Globo News also confirmed the postponement. The Senate website has already reported the difference.

“This decision is not mine, it’s the president’s decision, Senator Omar. I agree. It will take more time for us to discuss the opinion better and come up with better solutions. , “Renan said g1.

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The report will be submitted to the so-called G7 of the CPI (M), the majority body of the commission, before the document is presented to the All India Panel.

Globo News found out that the meeting will take place on Monday (18).

Renan Covid postpones reading of CPI final report

Renan Covid postpones reading of CPI final report

According to the CPI website, the meeting scheduled for Monday (18) will ask Nelson Mussolini of the National Health Council (CNS) and Elton de Silva Chavez of the Municipal Health Secretariat (Consums).

They represent the National Commission for the Inclusion of Technology in the Integrated Health System (Conitech), a consulting body of the Ministry of Health.

Octavio Guides: The change led to the postponement of Kovid's CPI report

Octavio Guides: The change led to the postponement of Kovid’s CPI report

However, a public hearing will be held this Monday to testify on “and Ju and indirect victims” of the epidemic. The names of Myra Peiris Lima, Giovanni Gomez Mendis de Silva and Rosanna Maria dos Santos will be heard.

A meeting is also scheduled for Tuesday (19th) to hear Elton de Silva Chavez from Connames.

The CPI (M)'s final report calls for indictment of Bolzoni for 11 crimes

The CPI (M)’s final report calls for Bolsonaro to be indicted for 11 crimes

TV Globo learned that Kovid’s CPI final report would have indicted President Jair Bolzoni for 11 crimes in controlling the epidemic.

The president, ministers and children of former ministers, officials and former government officials, agents and doctors are also responsible. In all, he should suggest that 63 people be charged.

Fifty-nine senators questioned guests, witnesses, or questions.

During his six months in office, the Senate, federal police advisers, federal revenue auditors and the Federal Accounts Tribunal analyze tax, bank and telephone data, mobile phone messages, emails, diplomatic cables, agreements and thousands of other public domain and confidential documents. Documents.

In more than a thousand pages of the report, Renan Calheros should state:

  • The government maintained a parallel office to assist in taking health action against scientific evidence;
  • The so-called herd immunization worked to immunize the population through natural pollution;
  • Giving priority to early treatment without proven success;
  • Protested against the adoption of non-violent measures such as social alienation and the use of masks;
  • Deliberately acted to delay the purchase of vaccines.

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