Wednesday , July 6 2022

Santos Better wins the prize in a single game


One bet by Santos (SP) hit the Mega-Sena No. 6 yesterday (16). The lucky winner was paid only $ 4.50 to play and won $ 11.5 million. According to the Kaiksa Economic Federal, the probability of this happening is one in 50 million.

See examples of what the winner can buy with the prize money:

The 2419 match was held in Sඕo Paulo and the numbers were revealed 10-35-43-48-50-53.

Each of the lucky winners was to receive $ 83,364.16, and 31 corner bets were considered.

Another 3,078 bets were awarded $ 1,199.42 to those who attacked the court.

When will the next mega forces be drawn?

The 2420 race is set to take place next Tuesday (19) in Sඕo Paulo, Brasilia time) with a live broadcast online from 8:00 pm on the Bank’s official channel on YouTube, and possibly on RedeTV! (The official lottery calendar does not announce advance draws shown on open television during the day).

Mega Sena: How to participate in the next draw?

Players can play a number 6 to 15 game through the boss credentials via Kaiksa or using the bank’s special lottery website. All bets registered one hour before the draw are eligible to win the prize in the sport.

And the lottery jackpot, how does it work?

The raffle is organized by Kaiksa accredited lottery companies and they actually place bets at the lowest prices. In the case of mega forces, this amount is set at $ 10 each, and each participant must pay a minimum of $ 5. In this type of game, an additional service charge of 35% of the fee may be charged. Mega Sena works with two to 100 pools in each case and can place up to 10 different bets in each of them.

See how much time you have
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