Tuesday , July 27 2021

Says Bolsonaro

SÃO PAULO – For the first time in dealing with informal finance movements accounted for by the Financial Action Council
) Elected senator
Flavio Bulsonro
(PSL-RJ) said the same
Distributed Deposits made in 2017
Ryo was selling an elegant house in the southern region. He explained this Sunday night interview with the "Domingo Specialized" program on the television documentary.

"I am trying hard to point out that the source of this money is related to my old consultant or to a third party.You will not.I will explain again: I am a businessman who earned my company more than a member.I only lived from the Deputy Minister's salary Will not happen, "said Flavio.

Paying a $ 1 billion bank guarantee from Caixa Econômica Federal, which is reportedly financed by Caef, mentions the purchase of the property.

TNG Globo's "Gordon Naceel" on Friday showed that between June 2017 and July 2017, it was Rs. 48 gold deposits have been found. Coff did not identify those who made the deposits. That was $ 96,000. Their intent is to prevent the recognition of the origin of resources.

In the Cohn report, Flavio Grande recorded a bank guarantee of Rs. 1 million.

In the interview, Rio de Janeiro (Alleghier), the current deputy minister, said that he was part of the payment of real estate and the value of Algerie's automated teller machine to a value of 96,000 rupees. In the interview, the telecom accepted limit of $ 2,000.

Flavio issued half of the property located in Laranjeiras on the asset declaration made to the Elections Commissioner in 2016, a threat to the city hall in Rio, and Zona Sul, US. 423,000 and half of the houses in Barra de Tijuca, $ 851,000. At the last election statement, he is only mentioned at the residence of Barra.

This Sunday
More information about the case in GLOBO's Lauro Jardim
. Flavio's ex-adviser and former driver Fribio Quiroz spent $ 3 million over three years. Until then, Kwiros spent $ 1.2 million in spending between January 2016 and January 2017.

"Do not be stupid of me & # 39;

Flavio denied that he had used part of the salary of the cabinet officials in Algeria.

– Not at my office. If I knew of anyone who committed me, I would have to be arrested if I first reported that he did not know me because I know who I am. Sometimes cabinet offices were vacant. If I intend to make money from money, is it allowed to vacate? He said.

Flavio said delaying the appointment of the chief advisor, Frivico Quiroz, to create this situation.

During the interview, the senator refused the Supreme Court to request a privileged forum. According to him, his case should be subject only to an instruction.

President Barack Obama's son Israeli was expired at safflowe. The agenda of the city of São Paulo was kept secret. Saturday
Flavio once again spent time with his father in the El Dorada palace
. At the meeting, a meeting was held after the news report that shares were received in shares.

The business identified by Kofu was sent to the Rio de Janeiro State Attorney General's office, and Algeria's parliamentarians are likely to be drawn from the pay of Flavio's cabinet workers.

At the request of flavio, federal supreme court minister luiz fukse has investigated
. Nowadays, the Deputy State Assembly congressman has a privileged dialogue to be appointed as a senator. The responsibility of the complainant, who was filing for Fliuvo's defense, is the responsibility of the commissioner, who is responsible for the investigation at the time of the inquiry.
It has already been pointed out that he has decided to continue the proceedings with the provincial councilor

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