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The author will explain how Karola Laureta's daughter is in the Second Sun

Laureta (Adriana Esteves) and Karola (Deborah Secco) in the second sun

Laureta (Adriana Esteves) and Karola (Deborah Secco) in the second sun

Novelty that Karola (Deborah Secco) is the daughter of Lauret (Adriana Esteves) in Zagreb Second sun our critics widely criticized and questioned them.

Announcement will take place in the following chapters, and author João Emanuel Carneiro promises to explain how this is possible, since both appear almost the same time.

According to Extra, Dulce (Renata Sorrah) finds Karol to be her daughter Lauret. In the beginning, the bitch will not believe, but the mother will deliver her favorite doll childhood. So, Lucy's rival will begin to remember the moments that took place in that house.

After the discovery, Karola will settle accounts with Lauret. Caffeine will find out that Severus has abused him (Odilon Wagner) and had a daughter for up to 15 years. When Karola turned 3, the villain took her to the orphanage.

The scene error makes the Second Sun again a joke between the viewer

"You just took me out of this monastery because I've been a good job for you, a young lady … Besides the money from me turning my purse, you still have the money and favor that disgusting old man!" Karola will shout.

Karola's daughter who?

During the plot it was noted that Karola was the daughter of Agenor. TiTiTi magazine, at that time, reported that conservative father Rosa (Leticia Colin) and Maura (Nanda Costa) left the torrent and sold it for prostitution. Even before the start of Segundo Sol, the places speculated about the possible love between Karol and Lauret. Now we know the relationship between them.

Letícia Colin looks blond for the last part of the Second Sun

Last week

The Hawk family will be amazed at Karol's discovery that Laureta is a daughter. Even Nana (Arlete Salles) will notice that the wizard is not old enough to be her mother. "But Laureta is not old enough to be Karolina's mother," he says. Roberval (Fabrício Boliveira) will say that everything has happened. "Laureta had Karol when she was very young, she was pregnant with Severus after her father was arrested for dictatorships, and her mother went crazy," he discovered.

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