Wednesday , July 6 2022

Another local celebrity cut off her nose


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Clearly, rhinoplasty has become a new fashion trend among indigenous peoples. Not only that. After seeing the amazing transformation of Prislava, Galena and later Camellia in recent years, several other famous women decided to go under the knife. Perhaps the most talked about was Alexandra Petkanova, the wife of a mad reporter caught in neighboring Turkey, and many said she was like all pop-folk singers and had lost her identity.

Last week it became clear that actress Ellen Coleva was also undergoing rhinoplasty treatment, and today we see that Emmanuel has joined the team that operated on her nose, so we dare say that such a change is not necessary. The beautiful singer has also enlisted the services of an expert in Turkey, and some time ago Camellia and Sylvia Katsarova left.

At the beginning of the month, Emmanuel soon left for a neighboring country with her closest friends and model, Jerry Rychevska. The singer has not shared photos yet after the surgery but we will see her soon with her changed look.

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