Monday , March 1 2021

Huawei is turning to smartphones and focusing on farming

The Chinese technology giant is looking to develop in alternative directions after the US banned major exports to Huawei and declared the company a “threat to national security” during the Donald Trump administration.

Against the backdrop of declining smartphone sales, the BBC writes that Huawei is targeting overseas market segments, including pig farming.

The former U.S. president has accused the Chinese company of intending to share personal user data with the Chinese government – its leadership has vehemently denied it.

However, the export of components required to manufacture 5G phones in the United States was blocked, and as a result sales in this segment declined significantly.

Although the company has not yet officially confirmed this information, Huawei mobile production is expected to fall by more than 60% this year. At the same time, however, it is actively looking for channels for development in other directions.

The Chinese company is developing artificial intelligence based systems to help farmers increase the efficiency of their production.

With the help of new technologies, it will be possible to diagnose animal diseases faster and take care of their health. Facial recognition methods can even detect individual igs gold and vary the breed according to their weight, diet and health.

Newborn pig photo session goes online (photos)Professional photography is a great way to celebrate a number of occasions (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc.) as well as to welcome new life into newborn photography.

Huawei is not the only technology representative in the Uvaru industry. It is one of the leading economic sectors in China. and Alibaba are also working on joint ventures with pig farms.

Earlier this month, Huawei CEO Ren Shenfei opened a specialized mining laboratory for innovation in Shanxi Province. It will develop technologies that will allow mining companies to work “underground with fewer employees, with better security and higher efficiency.”

In addition, according to Rehan, Huawei plans to expand its reach into the consumer products market, including TVs, computers and tablets. In this way, the company wants to reduce its dependence on smartphone sales.

However, he expressed concern that his concert would not soon be removed from the “blacklist” of companies banned from cooperating with U.S. companies.

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