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Professor Angelov: We provide 24-hour access to immunization offices – Diseases

During a discussion in front of the Alexandrovskaya Hospital, the Minister of Health Prof. Kostadin Angelov said that we are ready to open the injection rooms.

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Corona virus outbreak (COVID-19) 20026

“We have enough AstraZeneca vaccine,” he added. Vaccine selection can be done when supplies are regular.

Professor Angelov: Hope is in our hands

At the end of the day, all RHIs in the country will be instructed to continue queuing and will be ready to open vaccination offices in major regional cities in the evening, the minister said. Every Bulgarian citizen who wants to get vaccinated has the idea to get vaccinated. The Minister assures that there are sufficient number of vaccines.

Boris Bogov, director of the Alexandrovskaya Hospital, said the medical institute had two vaccination centers and four more would open tomorrow. 56 people have passed them since morning. Since December 27, about 1,500 people have been vaccinated at Alexandrovskaya Hospital. Expect another 400 on the list. The difference from other hospitals is that Alexandrovskaya Hospital has created an organization for the so-called mobile teams, and at the request of various organizations give vaccinations to those who wish at the sites.

A queue of people waiting to be vaccinated in front of the Military Medical Academy

According to Minister Angelov, vaccine selection is a key step in the vaccination strategy. When a regular dose of vaccine begins to arrive, people will be able to choose. By March 3, we have created an opportunity for electronic registration, and these 318 vaccination offices will be able to select locations for vaccinations that have been opened in the country and provide the vaccine of choice, the Minister said. He said that all the vaccines used to get 100 per cent vaccination prevent the development of serious diseases and people should remain calm.

The minister also said that GPs can choose when to start vaccination. The organization is already established. The National Framework Agreement has been signed. “We are ready with mobile teams and they are still working in different parts of the country,” the health minister said. He said he was in talks with emergency centers and would include it in the vaccine.

Earlier today, Professor Angelov shared important information about the vaccine on his personal Facebook profile. See what he said.

“Thousands need vaccine!

We leave no one unprotected from COVID-19. This is why we provide 24-hour access to immunization rooms, if required.

Every district city is ready to create flexible working hours for its centers. People will not shut them down as long as they like!

I have directed the Deputy Ministers of Health and the Chief State Health Inspector to visit the country today. Their function is to maximize the injection process.

Hope is in our hands! ”

Everything about the topic:

Corona virus outbreak (COVID-19)

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