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Ащо анците не аресват арата st AstraZeneca?

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200 employees of a hospital in the German state of Saarland are registered for vaccination. But they did not show up more than half the time – without warning that they had no intention of coming.

Only Saarland doctors boycott Oxford vaccine – Deutsche Wele writes

The FAZ released official statistics on February 14 stating that in Germany only 85% of the Bio Entech / Pfizer vaccine, 63% of the modarana vaccine and 19% of the AstraZeneca vaccine were used in Germany.

That’s how an absurd situation arises. Large-scale vaccination in the country has stalled due to a shortage of vaccines, and as a result many Germans will have to wait another month for their turn, and at the same time some of the medical staff who now have the opportunity to get vaccinated are, in fact, privileged. turn down.

This may be the reason why the authority published a weekly article this week on the dye site entitled “AstraZeneca is not a second quality vaccine”. The properties of the British vaccine were also preserved by the famous German virologist Christian Drosten. The title of his podcast on the subject is “The Astra vaccine is better than its counterpart.” In fact, it is officially acknowledged that a less positive attitude towards British readiness has developed in Germany.

This is confirmed by two polls released in early February. In a study by the University of Hamburg, 48.2% of respondents, including those who are determined or still reluctant to receive the vaccine, said they do not like a particular drug. 33.3% of the vaccine is called BioNTech / Fzizer. Only 2% prefer Oxford University vector vaccine. The results of the Force Institute’s research are similar. Sociologists ask Ying, “How do you react if you are not given the vaccine you want?” When asked, 64% said they still agree. Twenty-four percent of respondents – a quarter – said they would most likely give up. Vaccine. Both surveys clearly show that the Germans prefer the Bio Entech / Pfizer vaccine.

There are a number of reasons to get a clear preference for the BioNTech / Fzizer vaccine. First, it was created in Germany, and the Germans have confidence in the quality of the local product. Second, Biotech, a German company, and Pfizer, a well-known American company, are the leaders in the global pharmaceutical industry. Third, their vaccine was developed based on the innovative mRNA technology that is considered a real breakthrough in medicine. The German vaccine has received numerous publications, prompting the media to interview its founders, Professor Ugur Shaheen of Mainz, and his wife, Oslem Toredji. Another important factor for confidence is actually the high efficacy of this vaccine – as high as 95%.

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