Friday , January 22 2021

A balanced attack on the netvork winners

Torrington News beat Torrington signers

Eight of Raptus double digits. Angelo Mathews, Angelo Mathews and Angelo Mathews were the main scorers for the hosts. Scores: Abdul Razzaq (16), Brendan Rodriguez (16), Sergey Irka (14) and Ogago Annov (13) and Daniel Norman (12). Delaney Watson (12 points). Fred Vanetaet and Greg Monro de Ripotes He was able to raise the season.

18 Leonard's professional skills have been played.

D Angelo Russell was the pick of the bowlers for 21-22.

Nats was seventh most warmly in the eastern Toronto area, and the Raptors coach Nick Nurse was rigorously tested.

"A good team, a man, 13, 4 are over." 17. Anybody talk about it. " A nursing officer said. "I'm Boston's 15 and 5 … 13 and 4's pretty good, these players play well.

Rotherham, who stayed overnight for the third game, were able to take the lead in the second round with 12 points. At the end of the third quarter, they are in the forefront of 99-75.

Leonard and Kyle Laurie, a nursing officer, appeared on behalf of the ninth ranking to allow him to leave the fourth quarter. The Nets capitalized the Raptors by 13 runs.

Toronto were unbeaten on 8-0 in a match at Norton.

Toronto have won 13 of 14 of the 14 final matches against Bruxelles.

In the first quarter, Rampors rested on the defensive end, and Nets shot with three bands and shot up to 50 percent. The Nipire's driving hook collapsed in the frame for 15 seconds and fell to the wane 14-1. After 35 – 28 years by Brooklyn

The second time, Rappers returned. VanVleet's third was 18-4. This gave Toronto a 12-point lead. They scored half a century.

Will leave for Washington on Friday and will fight against the Boston diaries prior to the arrival of Phoenix on January 17.

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