Saturday , January 16 2021

After the accident, a double decker bus in Otavah is set to be exploded by nightstanders

A section of Otva Transformers was closed today and two trawlers were injured and three others were injured.

The OC Transppo double decker bus on the western coast has fired at the bus stop at Westboro Station on Friday afternoon.

Police have also been deployed at night to identify the three victims and contact their families and their loved ones.

"The work is done this morning, and no information about the identity of the trio in this case will be issued at this time."

OC Transpo says that on Saturday's closure of services at the Wobroro and Dominica train stations, lincolnfields and timnes are sinking from Pacific stations. Police have also blocked motorists from Scotland to Macrae and Athlon Roads.

At the press conference, Ottawa Mayor Jim W. W. W. W. W. W. W.

According to the Otesa hospital, seven of its patients are in serious condition and are in permanent conditions.

Three people were killed and two others injured when a double-decker bus collided with an Australian diesel engine bus at an Australian diesel engine bus stand in Australia. (@ karinawieser / Twitter)

One person was taken to the Carlton Hospital in Queens, but the condition of the patient is still unknown. Patients taking them to the Children's Hospital in Ontario in East shows no one is injured.

On the 6.00 o'clock on Saturday, the police said that the deceased or wounded had not changed.

Emergency crew members clashed with a D-DC OC transit bus on the Ottawa Weddroro station. (@ gabesimages / Twitter)

"We will come to all those who express our hearts and sorrows [and] Beloved family members, "Watson said.

"On that trip we have our thoughts with others in the bus, both of them directly connected and those involved in the conflict."

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The police chief Charles Bardello said that the bus driver was questioned and that he would be released later in the afternoon for further investigations.

Bardellot told me to think carefully about the downfall. But there will be as many witnesses as possible to produce a video and video through a video.

"This will be a long test," said Bardo. "Our inspectors will be working from morning till morning."

Transport also reviews the Transport Ministry in Canada and Ontario.

Mr. Bilal Gill was driving the 269 bus driver.

"The bus was running fast, I collapsed, or started attacking something, it was speeding, and the driver could not regain control, it was a blow to Westbourne's dwelling," he said.

"A lot of people scream and shout, under the seats of those in the front."

The Witnesses first responded and the window was broken and the ladies used the ladders to release passengers on the upper deck of the bus.

Police say the investigation into the fatal clash with the OC-Trans bus at Wedbroot station on Friday. (@ SaveOurSenators / Twitter)

"Absolutely people were stuck, and the ground had some blood," Gile said. "At first there was a dispute."

General Manager of OC Transpo John Mansoni told reporters that there are about 90 people who can travel in the bus and that the company is carrying out a thorough investigation.

The families of the Churchill Seniors Center have been re-employed, and individuals looking for information about family members on a Friday break may contact the Canadian Red Cross 1-855-797-8875.

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