Tuesday , January 19 2021

After the agency's Twitter call,

When asked if the Calgary trainer tried to take him out of the city, Michael Frelia was in the heat.

As a result, the expert points out that he has been tempted to develop an unusual medical reagent.

"I sometimes did a black blur – I do not know what to do." Asked about a volunteer target that started a revolt in Calgary Friday, a useful man called Friday.

For the fourth consecutive time, things were getting dark with local circumstances. In the first period, hosts were bowled out for 11 runs in 10 wickets. Amazing.

So I went to work on what the tender did well – mix the rows (this time, even the pair of security).

Predictably, Fleck increased from the fourth to the second row from line 3 to line 3M (3M line with Mikail Backlund and Matthew Tachetchuk). From the middle of his career, Roberto Lugo made 2-0 a 2-0 diesel.

Five minutes later, Mark Brighton was set up to create the background of Mark Jordan.

The third squad beat Jonathan Hubbardo a minute from the moment, and Sean Monhan with a net netter opened it up to 3-1 before picking ice cream.

For many years, his parents expected him to see his heroes on the first three nights.

"In the first period, I had an ice-cold 1 minute (2:26) – the first time they did not come out of the games," Freeleck laughed. His parents, Zdenka and Stanisława, a night from the Czech Republic.

"It's not that easy, you will get cold in the game and get 10 seconds to get in." (Peters) said that after he made the changes, I would return, and I hoped that I would do some restraints.

Under the new coach of Alan Walsh, he and Franlick would not be pleased with the ice of their modern coach in 2018. At the age of 30, four and four are supported.

But on Friday night, on Friday night, the panel began shortly before shortening, and he was handed back to familiar men.

With their support, he has scored 11 goals in 29 games. A youth who does not play 15 games with a high tug does not get bad, and usually 11 hours is wet. He won all 15:15 on Friday.

Playing is a discontent of the playwrights of the past. They have said that they know that the fright of Pierce Ritchie is about five in a row after winning six in a row.

Netmanndjerer increased his record by 17-4-3. In the 24th wicket, the game retained the game in an effort to collect points.

"We did not play well for a while, and it has become discredited because of our victory," said Peters.

"Yes, we won¡¯t win, so they think," We have clearly played well, and effort is good, and the operation is better ". The reality is that we should be and not be the level to be."

Jordano Tearce Hammond and TI. JR. Brady with Nandy Hunting.

Flühl polished it with Austin Auckland Orerner and shortened their glimpses to try to erase another scarcity. He's good.

The signal of the improved team is clearly visible that bad can be played badly in their eyes. Still high on the west, it is second in the NHL.

Last night, the man got stranded that the man must cancel the first interrogation story in the room, and they should be securely raised with their hands securely.

"That group has a good chemistry, he's a diverse friend – he can play on the left and right.

"We have seen a lot, and after we get together, that row was called, he's great, he's a good and expert in the league for a long time, he is great."

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