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Apple's Qualcomm vs FTC Test: Apple's iPad 2 mini discussions reminisce, Qualcomm has twice licensed

Qualcomm and Steve Molkenchup, Chief Executive Officer of Qualcomm, continued to defend their company's strategy as part of Qualcomm's and the Federal Merchant's Trade Commission. As reported CNETMollancop says good practices for the entire industry. Apple also claims the strategy is monopolistic.

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The FTC trial of Qualcomm against the manufacturer of the chip manufacturer's "No license, chips" policy. The trial will be held in the U.S. court district court in San Jose, Lucie Kohl.

A non-licensed, chip policy implies the Qualcomm's use of Qualcomm's patents before they are manufactured by Qualcomm, such as Apple's. This process has been duped as a separate case against Apple, Qualcomm.

Steve Molkenhof of Qulamm Corporation on Friday, Steve Molkenhof of Qulamm said that the entire system is working to "maximize IP production for the entire industry, in order to increase system performance". In fact, he argues that not all intellectual property is in the chip:

"We do not get all the rights, so we sell to licensed companies [intellectual property] Chip is covered. What we need to do [phone makers] Is covered, "said Mollenkopf.

For example, to connect a network, focus on the network-specific security framework. "It's not in the chip, it's not in the phone, but in all of this," says Mollenkopf. "There are a lot of IPs created by the system."

Meanwhile, Apollo ticket supplier Tony Blaignan gave Friday Friday, Friday. When Apple searches for modem suppliers for the iPad Mini 2, CNET Explains.

Braves was hoping to partner with the Qualcomm president, Christiano Amon, to launch a long-term relationship with the iPad 2 mini 2 chip maker in 2013. However, Amen told Belizein, "I'm your only choice, that I'll let Apple pay it." We started the old "old" project yesterday.

Also, Blackwell's experience relates that Kelmer tried to source sources of sample chips. However, Qualcomm will not receive any samples unless Apple signs an agreement:

"We call on suppliers and technical specifications to visit the suppliers," Blavyns said. We were surprised, "we were surprised," replacing the samples and specifications, "and we received a letter that we could have a license agreement that we must complete before we get samples."

In addition, Qualcomm also requested Qualcomm to license Apple for a Qualcomm license.

"We can not sign an agreement for a license to buy a product from them, and we can not understand why anyone except Kelkel can benefit.

Molenchope also said that Apple had arrived at Quantum to supply Qualcomm chips only to applets a billion-odd incentive payment. Apple wanted to repay $ 1 billion in repayment costs.

Molenkopf said that although the allowance was paid, the amount was not disclosed. Meanwhile, Apple's Blainy suggested another. "There will be no competition without distinction."

Ultimately, Mollenkopf says that they are quick to invest in Qualcomm's "technology" for their licensing strategies, and provide funds for further research and development, and that Quolcam will have to continue these practices.

Apple 9 to 5 apps to YouTube.

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