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.BCWickckramasooriya The radio wired person has been threatened with the face, and there are abuses after criticizing the yellow bullion protests

After a critical thinking about Camwallow, the BBC's Yellowheads in the United States, threatening and blaming the radio.

Radio NA Host Brett Minteter moved to Twitter on Thursday to TTR Trby. It includes what he described as racist elements and conspirators.

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Facebook begins after the assassination of Trudeau on the removal of editorials on Facebook editorials

"I want to leave this planet with the Prime Minister coming to the city and not being able to connect with their treacherous conspiracy theories, racism, dishonesty and complete trust." minutes.

Shortly afterwards, after the exposure of threats against the prime minister of Canada in Western Australia, he was called a "murder investigation" at a radio show.

A Twitter account that moves from a Canadian rescue worker for a visitor to a Movable Antelian section.

"After the Yellow Westersters page of Canada, I received a message from Canada, a yellow Westersted Post, which has been targeted by the Yellow West Conservatives of Canada." CKNW Linda Steele Shaw.

"When someone posted my email to my website and all the email addresses for the radio station went to the website, hate started."

Listen: Radio Netball Service explains the threat to Brett Miner Kahn's criticism of criticism

Instead, she said she was not a visitor to abuse on the Internet. First, comments are simply "bad". But it's very good at the limits of the free speech.

But he said that shortly thereafter, it did not go beyond the line, and quickly sends bombs through emails and direct messages.

"Wounded around the people and wherever my wife was being wounded," she must sometimes be raped by a Muslim, and then maybe he will ask him why he is so unhappy. "

"Then somebody else said," Camplom town starts working with "empty" ones if you start working.

"Especially when I feel sad about my wife, it will be a disgusting and belt belt at the time and completely dreaming."

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On the advice of the administration, on the contrary, he threatened the RCC, was investigating him, and came forward to take him from the radio station.

Global News Agency Camelope has called for comments from RCMP.

There was no request from the editorial commentators of the Yellow Wasaster on Canada.

Facebook describes the protesters who claim that "our country's sovereignty is being sold to the United Nations and their money-making policies against carbon tax and politicians."

But the "pseudo" movement created by the opponents, alleging that the opponents of the threat against Prime Minister Trudeau are opposed to the powerful role of criminalism, violence or violence in "The Yellow Kansas Canada Canadian Security Council", threatened by another global news reporter.

However, one of the most disturbing aspects of the incident was that most of the abused people were not anonymous and Facebook profiles were completely open to the public.

"These are men and women, football photos, all these are: they want to die for me, my wife should be raped and all the others will be raped," said Mairner CKNW.

"It's amazing, you see who they are, just like ordinary people who see you in the park with their kids, they will act on the Internet."

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Concerning social media and social movements, UBC sociologist David Tyndoll says that the distance created by the Internet can allow you to separate from the actual effects of what people say.

"When you do this in this way, when you face face-to-face, there are many non-verbal things that you get," he said.

"Threatening humans is one thing [with] Violence. While speaking of all the letters or oaths or intimidation, you need to see face-to-face responses face-to-face with criminals, and they must sometimes recognize it as a cancellation. . "

Tyndall also says that individuals who are allowed to feed each person together on the Internet can allow people with extreme views.

"In the old days, you have acted somewhat in their opinion or according to what they say, and they say in the dining-room or in the fence of their neighbors in disbelief, it's the end," he said.

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"But now they are looking for people who share similar exchanges, and this kind of thing is building a critical crowd of people who strengthen each other."

When involved in political and social movements, violence and threats were always directed to the US civil rights movement and threatened in the BSC's "War of the Environmental" Forest in the 1990s.

But he has seen evidence of increased polarization in Canada, and he predicts the rules of what is acceptable to the right of the borders in the Trembum period.

"Norms and barriers have diminished, or restrictions have diminished, and people feel threatened," said Tyndoll.

"The vast majority are not only pumping boats, but one or two of them."


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