Wednesday , January 20 2021

Bretton Block Blast routes support protest in Waters Stream

In a demonstration of collaboration with members of the first member nations of the British Columbia community, in a demonstration that allowed the pipe network to access their lands, two people blocked key routes in the community in Brandfords.

Broadford's 18 highways and 50 supporters at two junctions on the Loop Road have been blocked.

Canadian citizens are one of many protests in Canada.

A passageway crossing a railway in the city of Aktau on the west coast of Kodwawal, west of Belveville, about 50 kilometers from the beginning of this morning.

From Onda, which began in another London city this morning, the 402 and 401 vehicles of the expressway, running from 12 vehicles, reached an hour's speed.

B. C. They have established a base to prevent access to the route of the company.

Sonny Maracle is part of the blockbuster on the 18th Expressway at Barkfield and the surrounding Koktat Road. B.C. To collaborate with WatsouWet. (Kate Booker / CBC)

On Thursday, a deal was reached with the traditional heads and Chimes, in order to allow the company to pre-construct the interim orders.

Sonny Merkel, a part of the blockade at Branson, says that he is "helping our brothers and sisters in the West".

"This week we were invading Vestuetetten brothers and sisters in the West and dropped into prison, and their unique, sovereign right to claim their invading traditional lands."

"We have seen our elected Council move to negotiate agreements with Hyde Industries with the legitimate re-emergence line outside our sixth consortium in the 6th National Park in the Grand River, along with the city of Brandenburg."

We need to stand for ourselves. We will stand in these ways, and we will work together as a nation.– The chief of Thames is the head of the first nation, the main Miyang

Chipeves Menin Henry of the Thames, a bit of consolation, showed his government's support in Canada, saying that the government was "tired".

"We have to stand for us, we stand on these roads, we will have to arrest our people for working as partners of the nations and for telling those who come to our traditional land." Henry said.

Generally, the Canadians want to understand the true history of this country, and we have established our signed partnership agreements, relationships and responsibilities with each other, and Canadians did not learn it. "

Henry was also critical of Justin Trudeau.

"It's not what his actions are doing exactly, but it's going back in the back and he has not made a statement," Henry said. "How can this whole country be implemented throughout Canada?

It is planned to block up to March 6, McCracky says. If the police do not join their people, they will remain in place for a long time.

Ken Johnstone, PPSP's media relations in Banten state that he was setting up roadblocks that blocked him.

The Coordinating Committee of the PC is discussing with the organizers and trying to do the funeral, he said.

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