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Edmonton Oilers forward Milan Lucic can even hit, but must and score goals

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida – It's not good when you know what goals you've won in the last 61 games because there are only two – Darcy Kuemper and Keith Kincaid – and you can describe how goals are scored without going to a refreshing video, but that's the thing in Milan Lučić's life .

So is NHL listening to the phone to try to even score and go after Tampa's Mathieu Joseph, who hit Kris Russell from behind. Not with his stick or elbow in his head, checking his hard body, jumped on him and threw some blows.

It seemed that the disciplinary hearing for a rough sentence was heavily rounded, and Lucić managed to terminate the $ 10,000 fine. Moreover, it is secretly to decode where Lucić's hands passed through the net.

Last season, the body of Edmonton Oilers' wing was clearly frustrated when there were no goals. Shrunken shoulders, eyebrows, broken doors, with only one purpose from Christmas. This season, although there is only one shot (good rejected by Connor McDavid's October 6th game in Sweden), he is healthier than his mind, perhaps because the Oilers 8-6-1, not playing a string,

But the pucks do not repel him from his sticks, he does not pass through. It is made by every goalkeeper as Marty Brodeur, who is entering the Hall of Fame this week, but this is the story of the man who is the biggest problem that does not get enough blows, just 15.

This has to change. That is less than the fugitive Adam Larsson, the type of stopping and less than Jesse Puljujarvija, who should be in Bakersfield, but that's another story.

Luciceva's $ 6 million salary is the owner of Daryl Katz and the issue of contract concerns GM Peter Chiarelli, so we will not go there.

Lynette Tim Nowak (77) slams Edmonton Oiler on left wing Milan Lucica (27) towards the penalty round during the third NHL hockey match against Tampa Bay Lightning on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 in Tampa, Florida Jason Behnken / AP

Where do we go to see an old, angry bear in Tampa? We had almost a row with McDavid who jumped with the crowd with Josip. Lucić checked him hard as he came from the board, and Joseph was not ready for it. In today's NHL there is a bit of retaliation for perceived difficulties, but we saw what happens when a great bear falls.

And if he does not score, these things are welcome. The fact is that he could do more, but his opponents gave him a broad embrace.

"He is approaching everyone, but he is also a great presence in our room. Sometimes, if things do not go so well for him, he's still loud in the room, and guys rely on him to support," Linemate Ryan Strome .

Strome finally got a point in his 15th game, a nice opponent and goal Andrei Vasilevskiy, but Lucic came out 14 straight without a goal.

Before he went to Josip, he played only 8:09, so it was below his standard. But now it's on the third line.

It's a catch 22. If it's over, it'll play more. But the ice time is falling. He played 19 minutes in the season in Sweden. He had five games over 17 years. But maybe he played only 12 if Joseph's incident did not happen.

"I'm doing everything I can to stay positive … be easy frustrated," he said. "My coming to mind this year was positive and optimistic, no matter what happened." The team works well, and that's the most important thing, and if I get down, it can have a spin on the rest of the group.

"One hundred percent feel better about my game since last year.It would be easy to get frustrated without results. I'm trying to go back (years) to just record, not to put footage, to hit hard and that's when you go to the post and high glove.

"I spent a while watching an old video about yourself, who scored goals, and reminds you of being a good player."

Coach Oilers Todd McLellan needed Strom and Lucic to raise the third line.

Strome hit, now it's time for Lucić to jump on the boat.

"Milan's presence is very important to our group, he played straight and was physically," he said. McLellan said he was out of the box. "He created chances for other guys and when he was on the power game that was around the net and hit (he has to be a better screen if he is net-front, though) .He had a step on his tape in good areas. better look than last season. "

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