Tuesday , July 27 2021

Erika's tax in Chicago. Karl offers "Prayer" for Kelly

Ariyon Ballroom in Chicago has said that Rita Kaly has been said to be "now a Prayer" for Rita Kaly in the concert last night. I expect that when I watch TV I will see the light in those days. "I see the day I see the light." She received a mixed response from the audience. The people will hear the joy and the boos.

"But you say" Stop it, "and look, it's not love, it's not
No offense. However, R. R.
Kelly is culprit, do you think we should crucify him? How do I mean?
Are we doing this? Just think. "

"They attack R. Kelly on the Internet, I'm like a god." She said. Then she called for "peace" and "curing the wounded." Because everyone has got some kind of harm.

On Sunday night, the comments responded to the rebalance to which they were forced to protect themselves on social media. "I love you, of course," she said, "and I did not support it for your weak choices." That's what I never said. Nothing has been excluded from the context or even from the falsehood. "

2015 Soul Train Awards In the run-up to Badu's introduction of Kelly, "Black people are more extensively than anybody else" despite the history of his story. Last year, she gave a controversial deep interview with David Martes. She discussed XXXTentacion, Bill Cosby and Hitler. "I'm good to everyone." She said. "I saw Hitler looking good … Hitler was a wonderful artist"

On the night of Surviving R. Kelly's life-long lifesaving documents, Badura had made the production of several artists. JAY-Z, Dave Chappell, Questlev and others dismissed interviews.

Girlfriend and girlfriend interviewed Andrea Kelly and Kitty Jones, a girlfriend of girlfriends in California. Phoenix and Lady Gaga apologize to work with the jelly in the past. Earlier, an interview with the cricketer, his collaboration with "Kelly" was a "mistake." After broadcasting the series, Reese Kelly has denied the charges of sexual immorality involving women and girls. He has not signed up to Sony Music or RCA yet.

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