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Facing fake commercials, the dry cut in Canada Made from real rhizomes & # 39;

More than going to the trial to protect its rhino content, Canada Dry Ginger Al is no longer said from "the real gem" as part of a proposed settlement for a series of classes in the United States for false advertisements.

Keurig, the company that manufactures popular soft drinks Gupper will pay for those who purchased the Canadian Dry to be used individually in the United States in 2013.

According to the non-aligned Canadian Selling Proposed Arrangement, a payment was made for a fee of $ 5.20 per pay for a payment for a payment to pay for a payment to pay for a home without paying a confirmation, and paid for a proof house for payment.

Anyone who can qualify for these payments has now been directed by Washington Bakwati, According to the lawyer of Gupp, the last time he was granted a court order.

The ginger flavor is low in quantity extracted

Last week, California court rulings allow the court to hear the case. Massacre from Missouri went to court in various states.

For example, in a New York case, state business law violations, including "general law, fraud and / or misappropriation, state-run and contingent liabilities and unfair enrichment," are allegations.

Brand name is John M. McClafflin begins the opening of the 1890 Carbonized Aquatic plant in Toronto. By his 1904 "Canadian Dry" screen, the Ginger Canal was broadcast in Canada, and soon spread to New York. It was a global mix of honey and soft drinks in the 1930's as a ban on banning it. According to court reports, the New York City retailer has a "heart".

Today, Canada Dry contains organic water, high fructose corn syrup, citric acid, preservatives and natural flavors. One trial refers to "ginger scavenging extract." New York Prosecution Attorney Piece contains the actual ginger composition of Canada. For human flavoring, the two parts of the limit are below the amount of dried and health benefits.

A major feature of disputes over disputes. For example, corn alg, for example, is a normal remedy for the intestines, and lawyers in New York City, Curie Dr. Gaper, have dubbed "real ginger," saying "cultivating a healthy and healthy image." According to the case, the Canadian dry location "BFY" option meant "better for you."

The statement of packaging has mislead and mislead the reasonable customers.

This included a one-tier ad "Jack's Ginger Farm". A woman brought a ginger canal from a swimmer to the Ginger Ginger through the ground.

It seems to have worked. Quaggue D., New York, reported on the functioning of New York. According to Guper, sales of "Real Ginger" increased only by 9% in the first six months of the year.

The Californian judge said that the expected health benefits from real ginger could increase their consumption by 30% in Canada.

"In reality, the real rhymes of dinosaurs in the DHA are not formed," the New York District Court's statement says. Packaging Expressions "Using Ginger Root Canadian Drivers Mislead and Mislead Reasonable Customers" – i.e. Ginger is not cut or powdered spice – and the flavoring is not "essence".

The case was brought by Julie Fletcher of Bolivia near the border of Pennsylvania. She regularly purchased children with sicknesses, she said. It is thought to be a "healthy alternative to regular soda."

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