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Fitness Bar: Will 2019 succinct tendencies be inevitable?

In his study of physical trends in 2019, Paul Robinson presented the physical technology rather than a simple solution to food and exercise.

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Fifty-nine trends in this year's 10 trends tend to have a slight effect on your next exercise. The problem of many tendencies is that they disappear until they arrive. The list of this year most of the time did not come from the next.

Here is a brief overview of trends in 2019 (no specific order), some notes on the detention, and your health and fitness targets can be improved.

Body training

Resistant training is much more suited to this little space. Body training (eg pushups, chinups, etc.) can be done at home without any investment. The challenge of training your body weight is knowing what to do if you have a lighter or heavier weight. Need to upgrade with the exercise is a free freeway or resistor range useful.

There can be power: there is no body training anywhere. For most exercise, it's a great addition.

Fitness technology

I am not a big citizen of my body fitness. These things are popular, not because it works, but because they look good and look good. We used to measure fitness according to health and performance. Now we're sleeping, the number of steps between your chair and bathroom. Good old-fashioned and hard-working is a reminder.

Waiting Capability: Doing Business Techniques Raise the Sky – Obesity. Ah, maybe there's a correlation. When it says so, if it works for you, opt out of yourself. The Blanc is here. At least until they plant a brain chip.

Dreaming and quietly curious

Really? Well? Abandonment and drinking are socially acknowledged. I encourage you. (Alas, World's first problems.) This year, food and alcohol are given beautiful names. I think that there will be a feeling of calm. Maybe I'll give it a storm! & # 39 ;.

Continuing Power: Exaggerated is epidemic and my tendency to fashion. Food and alcohol addiction should not be taken lightly. These things are very serious for making a subtle label. We will see.

Group training

The same philosophy, different packaging. The step-by-step moves have been replaced with Spring Bicycles, Waldors and Treadmills. Basically they give better results.

Maintaining power: Team training has been in place for many years and is continuing to develop. Continuing to work with friends, it's excellent for those who are busy and hard-working like outsiders and people. But some classes may find it difficult to find the right match.

Short term classes

last! The recommended class period is available for research. At the front of the city, it's not much needed – better.

Empowerment: Many (except for hats) have less time or desire for long-term class. Request continues Otherwise, go through the class and grab some of the weight.


The long line of cars went down the road to reduce the weight. Did you know that prisoners used torture tools as Treadmills in prison? No joke.

Power Suspension: If research is not changed, HIIT produces more efficient caddode burns. Boot camps, sprints, stairs, spin bikes and visters work better. I will tell you whether things will change.

Natural protein bars

However, this is turned into the top ten of this year's title of this year (he is told with stains). I'm going out on the border. Suggest that 99 percent of you do not need protein supplements. However, I can cut off.

Empowerment: This is one of the people who are looking for easy access or a chocolate-based bar of protein. Newsflash: Protein surplus does not help you to lose weight. Proper nutrition. Grab the protein bars (and your promising technology) and catch the salad. Still, you find a watch that is being washed every time you take it out.


Not only this beauty but also great impact on nutrition spending. All sorts of research when exercising by seniors shows great results. Whether it's to believe it or not, our 55-plus customers are enthusiastic about producing the most dramatic achievements.

Holding power: this is very difficult. Exercise and healthy eating in medicine and energy are more vigilant and can be easily accessed and afforded by humans.

Simple solutions

Fruit, vegetable and full grain. Add regular movements (especially resistance training). Reduced food. I know, this is a proud advise, but it gives the fruit through simple changes to your food and habits.

Power of Attention: You will always wait for proper nutrition and exercise.

Port Robinson enjoys a 30-year training as a trainer, executive, lecturer and consultant. He is a private trainer with Kneifel Robinson (KR) and his assistant, Monica Kneifel Robinson, serves St. Albert and Edmonton. Critical support for critics, especially in coupled with the success of Bomers and foam. You can reach it [email protected];

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