Friday , January 22 2021

George Osawa describes the sense of betrayal of workers in the Wordser Rally

The rally at Cincourt on Friday was described by the impression of the betrayal of a lower level of morale at the General Motors (AM) Oshawa power plant.

The ceremony was a recent move by the United States, and its decision to close down the US.

Dave Greenwood has been working for 30 years. The people cried "in tears", and he is not proud to be a GM worker.

"We are embarrassed, except for loyal GM customers, loyal GM employees and loyalty, General Motors is embarrassed."

"Everyone supports each other, but ultimately fear, anxiety, fear, and uncertainty."

General of Ojawa electrician Dorothy Lynn believes that the stopover will not be stopped at the Osawa power station.

Dave Greenwood is a 30-year-old GM in Oceania. (CBS News)

"Lion is the only way to defeat this corporate greed," he said, "to show solidarity and to work together." Lyson questioned why the German factory, the highest quality product, is being asked to shut down.

Gridside said that workers have done everything in the six months to repair a new truck and with a quality matrix.

"Now I'm really upset with the company I work with," said Yingdowde.

Dosh Lion is an electrician of the GM Gower. (CBS News)

GMOA says that Antônio Bozique will be trained for those who will lose their jobs.

Workers who signed such a program have found that there was no requirement to have a college degree.

"It's a can," said Bozize.

According to Layne, General Motors has said that thousands of "outlandish Muslims" can migrate to workers in the DMK's Dreach zone.

Casy Lawlow, an Azaway production worker, says she is unaware of what to do. (CBCNews)

Calli, enthusiastic about attending waves, does not know what to go in front of her.

One thing she believes in is that after spending her life in a loyal GM customer, she will be "more loyal".

"You raise my jeep and not buy a GM car again," Lovelock said.

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