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GIFFORD-JONES: Prevention of death from influenza

Influenza death is often tragic. But it is especially when it is young. Vaccinations in emergency rooms this year are rising. Usually, thousands of North Americans die of this seasonal epidemic. But will some die?

In the United States, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that for the first 13 years, each state reports an influenza influenza because of an aggressive viral disease.

The best way to reduce the number of deaths and deaths is a bullet. Edmundon's medical officer, Shohoret Maruti, is late into the epidemic in 2018. It has reduced the influenza by 42%.

But history points out that influenza is injected, but it can be prevented or reduced, it is not always completely safe. So if there are other security methods?

I respect the viruses. Like my profession as a surgeon. In the last year of Harvard's college in 1950, I developed poliomyelitis. I was in a good medical center in the United States. But for the next 24 hours, the doctors could not completely erase my legs and abdominal muscles.

If I were treated in a small town in North Carolina and a family doctor, I would be able to prevent my loyalty. No one knows my educated professors in an identical way to my doctor's finding.

Dr. Frederick R. Wilson Clanner is not a trained virus. But he was working at the ward of 60 poliopulmonaries. He decided to treat Vitamin C with high doses for 10 days. One of the 60 patients was not paralyzed!

This finding was reported in February 1948 in the journal Southern Southern Medicine and Surgery. It is no wonder that it does not have the title of the World's Newspapers or other medical journals. In fact, it has fallen to deaf ears, and doctors still do not yet realize it.

In addition, Clater has proven vitamin C high doses later. Other viral diseases like pneumonia, encephalitis, menittitis, measles, and other viruses such as chicken pox can be cured.

Culler's research showed that vitamin C can provide additional protection in addition to annual fever shortages. Long before the influenza symptoms, especially after you get 4,000 milligrams of milk per day (mg) a day. This virus will enable immune cells to fight immediately. Therefore, it is imperative that CI be immediately infected with the importance of CI.

Clarner's message was simple to the doctors. Although there are serious infections, but when the cause is unknown, doctors should carefully monitor the diagnosis and recommend a large dose of C. Small doses of cancer patients will not stop cancer, C stops small virus diseases.

For critical viral diseases, Claret counts 25,000 milligrams of injections daily. But this is not easy. He also used massive infections and oral tablets. But this means swallowing large pills.

If I'm infecting a virus, then my family will never care. But before the treatment, maize-cesium plus or 2 mg of other vitamin C viruses are taken twice a day until maize is reached. There may be differences between life and death. These brands exist in healthy food stores.

My advice is similar to the readers, and there is also a second opinion. So, go to the Internet and go to "Dr. FRR Clenor and Vitamin C". An excellent article on vitamins, Andrew Saul has an excellent article on Cletour that he must receive his Nobel Prize for his research. It is, however, a tragedy for many doctors not to know about the many of his life-saving options.

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