Wednesday , January 27 2021

Govt. Stolen lottery announces winners

For Ontario, the Commission on the Registration of Alcohol and Gambling has issued 25 votes for Lottery winners to determine who can apply for the first grazing permit in the province.

Candidates selected from 17,000 selected winners 3:16 AM Issued on Friday.

They are not large entrepreneurs, but corporations.

The two winners from the Northern Province are listed as Anton Lutec and Senatinus Partners.

The winners did not provide any information, including their communities.

We will inform the additional winners of the two winning winners by contacting our newsletter via e-mail.

The winners should now have five business days to present an application, a loan of $ 50,000 and $ 6,000 non-refundable fee.

On March 1, the first private ganja shops will be opened in Ontario

Until then, gangs of entertainment can only be legally marketed through the government's website.

Following is the waiting list for the north area:

  • Ariel Ginberg
  • Christopher Douglas Emmanos
  • Blanchart Arunasamam
  • Parallel Canon Corporation
  • Christina Kelly
  • Eden Efren
  • 2600207 Ontario Inc
  • Jade McElroy
  • Justin Fiumi
  • Com3xprt Inc,
  • Macoko Resource
  • Newman Rosenberg
  • There was Lenin
  • 11183362 Cannon
  • Kuljeet Kaur Kang
  • Scott Shahi
  • Mans shah
  • Alexander Shuser
  • Sabrina Brown
  • Israef Muhammad

The winners in other areas of the province are:

  • Daniel Telio (East Region)
  • Brandon Ing (East Region)
  • Patterson and Lavovo (East Region)
  • Karen Somnamwara (East Region)
  • Heather Colone (Toronto Area)
  • Seriyaras Semaderi (Toronto Area)
  • Collin Campbell (Toronto Area)
  • Michelle Kendall (Toronto Area)
  • Hoonney Gower (Toronto Area)
  • Guruwendra Singh Sangha (Toronto Area)
  • David Newgin (Greater Toronto Area)
  • Tripcator Incorporation (Greater Toronto Area)
  • Alexander Atlanta (Greater Toronto Area)
  • CGS Foods (Great Toronto Area)
  • Gary Hut (Greek Toronto Area)
  • Stephen Fry (West region)
  • Lisa A Bitting (West Region)
  • Ranjith Basra (West Zone)
  • 2674253 Ontario Inc (West Region)
  • Ref. (West Region)
  • Christopher Comry (West Region)
  • Nihara plants (West region)

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