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His family's help has a child's kidney cancer

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo – They cough through the teeth of the patient's teeth and say, "Yes!" From his 4 year old son, in the Ragama bed. And "Please stop!

Joseph and Amanda Salmirghi know what to do. Their lives have passed over the last 1 1/2 years.

But it's not easy.

"Why are you hurting me?" Joshua screams, with his face indifference, tears the tears from invisibility.

"Come, Joshua, I know that you do not like this part, but this is the last …" As Amna says, holding her hands in her hands, just like her husband and her husband are in Joshua's body, and thus entering the chemotherapeutic ketter entering his chest Can be removed from the port.

After a few minutes, the team goes out, the fight is over. Amanda holding her son's shoulder firmly, "Well, what next?" And now you have to speak … "

"… the bell …" Joshua's cock crowed out of his voice.

Amanda says: "That's right."

Warrior Bell relies on the wall of the nursing home behind Arroyo's children's hospital. Every child who performs this funeral should be prevented from leaving home at the end of his life. Four months ago, he has been waiting for the moment from starting chemotherapy in April.

Apparently, thinking about him was embedded in him. Without a thick brown head, there is nothing to shape his feelings without eyebrows. His appearance seemed to be happening without any hindrance. Now it goes in the right direction.

Amanda slammed her son's cheek. He says a brave boy.

This time she prays, it's the truth.

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Joshua Salmiriras love baseball, leagues, super heroes and chocolates. He is 3 feet, 10 inches tall, 44 pounds and a little brother.

"He wasted Tomotti," says Joseph. "If he feels about it, and if his brothers like him pretend to be crazy, he can bring them back to the best of them."

Joshua is a healthy infant. However, due to an adult disorder, the pain, stomach and stomach ache developed in the stomach. In June 2017, when he identified the third dry respiratory disease, kidney kidney cancer is one of the most common diseases. Last year, after surgery to remove cancer and remove his kidneys, he speculated that he initially thought therapeutic treatment and radioactive frames. He was released on December 30.

However, the following month, when the Air Force was preparing to leave California from Colorado Springs, California, it was still notorious that Joshua's cancer was not only there but also 4th grade.

With potent drugs he will need more treatment.

The Salmiri Germes family did not go off.

This time the post-Hymo jaks will not function properly. This time, because everything is different, even more protests, more and more tours, higher education, tiredness, degrading budgets and stress will occur.

"Be careful not to break your mother's pain." Amanda reminds her son that she is being kept at the hospital's waiting room at the hospital in August for her chest catheter tube. "Remember, there is a child there."

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Joseph is cool and scientist Amanda, the most important person and scientist. He is the root of Yankee; For any group playing against the squads.

They were 12 years ago at a constellation competition at Bacley Air Force Base in Arora.

It was a new airplane from the Air Force, it was signed for naval warrants and was the leader in circuit music in Charles. He met a beautiful New Jersey man with a long brown hair and worked on a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Engineering and a base-based missile warning system. He obtained a phone number at the monthly Chappel lunch, but later became a girlfriend.

A week later, he actually learned that he did not have a boyfriend, so he asked her. She accepted that she "goes out as friends." A dancing dancer in Denver's Mercury Café lost her life.

"That's one thing. As Christians, we knew that we were married the night", says Joseph. "We did it a month later."

But a discussion with a church leader about the need for a "sufficient insufficiency" of both counsel and both of them was "unresponsive" with the advice of a church leader.

"We knew that we wanted the children, but we did not do it on numbers or numbers," he says. "We let it allow."

Two years later, Benjamin was two years older Timothy. The infant Joshua was on December 23rd, and his family sufficiently aged for the adapters, it walked in, campgrounds, baseball, water parks.

Now back in those days, Salmiriras can give their son their sons. They know that they are going to disappear just because everyone understands it.

Childhood cancer is not harmful to the health. Child's botanicals broken down

"At the age of the boy, Joshua does not have anything to eat," says Joseph. "He can do what he can and can understand why he does not know, but when he does what he wants, he kills it."

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Joshua likes people like Ninja Warriors, Macs, and Cheese. Especially when she was not at home, Mother made her baked when she baked her. In the kitchen counter is Josec's duck.

He loves to swim. Or at least, he used it.

"Joshua grew up in California, one of his favorite favorites is the pool, which he can no longer do because he is immunized with him," says Joseph. "When his counts are low, he must be very careful about getting infected."

That is where Joshua is going.

Chemotherapy The cancer cells break up rapidly, but destroy the body's healthy cells. During the treatment of Joshua's six, blood was provided for blood counts within three weeks. When they are low, they can be vulnerable to illnesses, and public pools, baseball games, hotel rooms and the zoo – where he can see the true typhoid of his top Microsoft call-in canonical course in January – just risky .

"When his counts are high, we're going to laser beater or something, but again it gets shocked." Failed. You live daily, in fact, for an hour. "

You can either hang on or take a tow with a safe hat with any leisure trip, or you can choose to do or not to do so, or cancel.

"He can not hold fast, and he does not know it well for hours," says Joseph.

Block, often in an unprecedented amount, is meant to mean disappointment.

"Kids say it's summer, go let's go." "I want to go," I said, "good work, guys, you know he's not able to go to the pool." . & # 39; & # 39;

Adults boys know that their brother is sick, especially Timothy. Sometimes their lives are struggling with the reality of their impact.

About a month after Joshua began chemotherapy in the second course, Joshua says that Joshua needs to pay attention as "essential." "Like on Saturdays, like Timothy," why do you always go to the hospital? "

Although he understands that his brother is ill, at the age of seven she says: "He's really difficult."

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Ensure that you have an emotional, busy-time, hour-long drive, back to Arora, manage and transfer child protection, and stay overnight for three days. – Joshua stayed at the hospital.

"When we lived in California, childcare was always a neighborhood," says Joseph. "We came here, we did not live, it was definitely a big change."

Amanda's full-time work schedule does not mention rising pregnancy, but says she says: "She overrides me in the night, and she is so tired that she is tired." He is tired of everlasting days and nights. He was physically ill.

Everything in the mess nearly completely collapsed, and the opportunities for children and maternity and water falls that could not cause cancer.

At the beginning of his chemotherapy in April, Joshua urged her to help him write the first name of his mother. So he wrote it in large letters on a piece of paper for copying it in spelling. He only tried a few.

In August, he was able to paint and write the blue ink on the last ward of his childhood ward. It was printed in his hand, and when it raised a person's ability to print one's butt, it was a struggle to change it.

"He named his name correctly, and Joseph uses his name to translate his middle and last name," says Joseph. "Now," My name is Joshua Michael Salmyrahie, I need a blood transfusion. & # 39;.

Or, "My name is Officer Joshua Michael Salmyri".

Just a few days before his second, six months of treatment, the first time at the Colorado Springs Police Department, Joshua was sworn in as a respected official.

"I thought he was going to give him a badge, throw him in a car and walk for a while," I thought. "On the contrary, he has entertained the whole day, and sleeps definitely on that day."

Some of these officers attended a second commemoration to pay homage to Joshua. On August 19, Douglas and his family will get dozens.

He warned Warrior Bell, signaling that he had been made with chimone.

Even after the worst incident that ended with Joshua's treatment, he had a tumor before he knew how to reconcile his cancer.

On September 24, he was sitting near a hospital in Colorado Medical University in Arara, near the University of Cancer University.

Six months later, the skull had a headache on his head, and his eyebrows and voices grew.

Joseph cut off his son's head roughly.

Radiation means the second attack against cancer tissue. If it is pressured to stop this disease, it will fail more than a number of years if Joshua's radiation infections occur, Dr. Brian Cavann said.

"There must be a long-term follow-up to any type of treatment that can be used to return cancer or fight cancer (but) we are all young people, adults, and every grown-up," says Cavanaugh.

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On October 24, CT reported just a month later that Joshua had cancer.

Two years after the moment, they look at the future of Salmiriges, plan to release a room for a nursery for temporary parties and nurseries for nurseries and nurseries for Janshu and Timothy.

Elijah Thomas is due in January.

His priorities are bound to be dramatically changed when he returns. But this family is different. Now, the holidays and the rest of the weeks are made up of time for the infant until the baby is born.

Last Sunday, Joshua's fifth birthday was announced at Fort Carson's Internal Entertainment Center. It was not above the top of the Franton, the Slide and the water level.

When he was sick, Joshua was there to swim.

"Although he was in deep water with the jacket in his life, he was in good condition, but now he has left the water for nearly two years," says Amanda.

On the October tour, he went to Eric Warren camp and fell down after falling down from the Aland.

Since her husband and three boys have played swimming pools with noodles, it can do this, and it can take a long time. "He will learn."

Joshua's hair is a lighter shade than the brown one. He seems to be his brothers' short design.

At the outset of his treatment, he began collecting and bathing glass dolls with important milestones in his cancers. There is another tavern to add an operation to remove a part of his chest.

She is about 10 feet in the meter.

"When you look at it, it's huge as a whole, and you do not know how many small things and great things there are until you look at something like that." Amanda says.

කවදා හරි දවසක ඇය පැවසුවාය, සමහරවිට ඇගේ පුතුට ඔහුගේ කතන්දරය හොඳින් වටහාගැනීමට ඇගේ පුවරුව යොදා ගත හැකිය.

"ඔහු මේක දිහා බලාගෙන හිටියේ එයා පොඩි පොඩි ළමයෙක් කියල කොච්චර දුෂ්කර දැයි දන්නවා" කියා අමන්ද පවසයි. "හොඳ දේවල් පවා සිදුවූ බව අමතක කිරීමටද මාත් කැමති නැත."

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