Tuesday , January 19 2021

How do Donald Trump relate to planet Earth's prediction? Strange news

Paul Bangle, an evangelical Christian missionary from Indiana in the United States, is the key to the eclipse of January with His Excellency President Donald Tamp. Earth's night rotation will be on the night of January 20 to 21 in the night. President's Donald Trump sworn in second But the blood moon will not stop there. Pablo Bagley believes Mr. Tramp as the "Blood Moon President".

A fireman said: "This superb blood cell's prevalence within 10 days is a warning.

"It will be the second anniversary of the birth of President of the United States, which is so untrustworthy that it will be more correct than Washington.

"This is a blood vessel and a large blood vessel, and it will be superb because it is closer to Earth.

"It is a blood-red color, the first moon of the year, and it is Wolf Wolf.

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Donald Trump is the blood-thump president for Ohio, the second anniversary of Topdom's presidency. "

According to Begley, a ruler, on June 14, 1946, President Trump was born on the bloodless moon.

The total lunar eclipse of the Moon, in effect, is June 14 and June 15, the night before the Earth travels 72 years ago.

Blood eclipse was estimated in Central Asia, West Africa and West Africa.

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President Traum was born in New York, USA.

But the most important day of the birth of the president is that on May 14, 1948, Israel was re-established 700 days before nationhood.

Poster Magli said: "The Jerusalem Capital has been declared Jerusalem and the US Embassy has been taken to Jerusalem and made a sacrifice. 70th anniversary The Jerusalem Day.

"A few months later, on July 27, 2018, I had a blood vessel.

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"It was Jerusalem's longest blood moon, and now a month after the birth of the Red Hassie, dedicated to the third temple dedication, the Sanhedrin will be rolled in. The Third Temple may now be Washington's turn.

"The relationship between the Americans and Israeli is best confirmed, but this is implicit.

"America is ready, I do not know what's happening, this sink is very, very precarious."

The conspiracy of Postrek and his contemporaries believe that the incoming moon will be foreseen in the book of Revelation, the book of Joel, and the book of Acts.

The sixth chapter of Revelation reads: "When he opened the sixth seal, it was a great earthquake, and the sun was black as a sackcloth, and the moon became blood.

"The stars of the heavens have fallen to the earth, and the fig tree will overlook it; Figs, When she blows the wind in the midst of a mighty wind. "

However, the astronomers have the perfect shape of the Blood Moon Phenomenon What Happens Once a year or twice.

The lunar moon is the result of the sun's falling outside the shadow of the Earth's eclipse and the result of what is known as the Raile Scattering.

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