Thursday , March 4 2021

Jamie Lynn Spears blames Elon Musk for the cat deaths

Elon Musk is so much more: the richest man on earth, a father, the worst on Twitter. According to Jamie Lynn Spears, he was involved in the deaths of several cats. In a deleted video posted to Instagram, Spears specifically blames Tesla and Musk for their role in the deaths of their pets. “We’m lost now – I do not want to tell you how many cats – they do not hear that Tesla is in pain and unfortunate things are happening and it’s really devastating and tragic for everyone involved,” Spears said in the video. Tesla, who Spears calls a “secret cat killer”, said there should be noises when “cats or animals are being harassed. They know that something is going on. Finish it off in a very tragic way. “Speak directly to Kasturi,” he said, adding that he owes her “two cats”. The exact number of suspected cats is unknown.

Spears went back to Instagram to clarify her point, writing that she “did not chase after any cats” and that Tesla should not be blamed, despite the harshly worded video. She confessed that “a user error is acceptable”. Musk has not yet commented.

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