Wednesday , January 20 2021

Levin receives Goloubef from Behring for sensitivity

The Ottawa Senators did their second trade on Fridays Paul Keri Security For Boston Brothers Cody Golof.

The day after the sale, the next day was a ball for AHL players Gabriel is gagging To Toronto Maple Leaf Morgan, Climku.

Goloubef, 29, plays this match with AHL with 12 points (16 goals, nine assistances) in 16 matches. He played in the NHL 129 with Columbus Blue Jacket and Colorado Allentions.

In the 2008 NHL draft, he was the second round of Blue Jackets.

Carey, 30, has appeared in five games with the Senate, unable to declare a point. He has scored 27 and 27 runs in 29 matches with AHL's Belvil Senerater.

He has 8 goals and 16 goals in 97 Rugby matches with Colorado Ablates, Washington Capitals, New York Rangers and Senets.

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