When Logan Paul comes to his dreams, he will find a new population-based science in a sensible language. So, I'll choose more, I promise you a new blog by Lohan Paul for a month of "Go Go." This notorious Youtube arbiter presented the podcast of one of his two. Not necessary Co-host Mike & # 39; Hey Big Mike & # 39; Majlak. The dialogue went a little bit.

Big Mike & # 39; Big Mike & # 39; Paul is behind, and he is calm and vegan without delay. Once again, Logan conceived of a joke. But he did not. Instead of pushing the Vegan-Bro diatribe from the modern direction, he began to break his four-month biological plan. "January is a hanus in January and in February …" he says before jumping on the throne. In this New Year's Eve, in the New Year's Era, two new characters submit new proposals from new lotteries.

When this conversation is coming back, & # 39; Big Mike & # 39; Their 4-day plan again highlights their Tito and man's big bottles before pushing them forward. Then Logan Paul goes on to say: "Then guess – March – what is it? Men – the only march. Then it's only male-March. We'll be going for about a month, "Instead, an intriguing trap, small books, words, but a slight retro look.

The whole conversation can not be understood indistinctly, but it is not problematic. In the end, Paul and the Big Guy, called Go and go wrong. Concatenation: Logan Paul is an exaggerated exorbitant agenda. The "Content Expert" can be positively manifested in a much better-looking, seemingly "nice" and "bizarre" look.