Saturday , January 23 2021

Magny Celiney and NBC sign an agreement

North York – NBC News ended its association with starring Foxconn last Friday with Maggie Kelly announcing his professional divorce agreement and trying to become television stars in the morning morning today It does not seem.

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Maggie Kelly does not attend the NBC exhibition

The conditions were not disclosed. Kelly has paid over $ 20 million in the second year of contract in three years.

She has evaporated from white in October, suggesting white people are blacking on the night and being dragged for two months during the exit talks. Prior to submitting a controversial comment, her future was considered limited in NBC News.

"The parties have resolved their differences, and Megan Kelly is no longer an Envy employee," the network said in a statement on Friday night.

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NBC says she will change it in the third hour today Anchor Craig Melvin, Al Roar, Dylan Draer and Shaneel Jones.

The news editor of the NBC News Andrew Lack failed in a newsstand TV channel news channel that mislead her from the Fox News Channel. But now it's less concreted and less compelling. In a way they were in a woman's land. Someone in the NSC suspected her of the background of Fox News, and Fox's ex-audience has offended her for questioning about her presidential television trail by Donald Trump.

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Maggie Kelly does not attend the NBC exhibition

While in Fox, Roger Alice, the late chief executive of the network, was responsible for the shootings over unwarranted sexual advances.

When she reported the news in Nachir, the tribunal blamed inappropriate behavior. He also told women who were claiming Harvey Vinestein, Bill O'Reilly, Roy Moore and others allegations, as well as those who were claiming harassment at Capdyl Hill. The Tampa accusers, with over 2.9 million subscribers, were one of the largest audience in the network.

In addition, Kelly has named Kelly as the leader of entertainment in 2017. Tele magazine honored silent fighters with his "Person" in 2017.

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But former NBC did not win her in-house counterparts to the accusations against Matt Anthur and had publicly called for the appointment of outside experts to appoint outside coordinators. Take his talk New Yorker.

When the episode soon spread, it was hard for Kelly to watch a crowd in television in a gentle-looking world. She also briefly visited a seafood night cinema with filmmakers.

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Despite being black in the audience, the audience was tired of being tired after watching the audience, but became her last appearance on NBC News.

"What is a racist?" "She said. "Of course, if you are a white man on a Halloween or a white person in white for Halloween, if you are a white person, you will be troubled, when I am a little boy, as long as you are a character."

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The critics accuse them of ignoring the stupid history of almanac performances and films.

And Kelly is not sure what is next. NBC does not comment on whether a separation agreement can write about her experience in the network.

The non-competition clause is nonexistent. That is, if she wanted, she would have to free some other television work.

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