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Many problems have been resolved with the recently launched 76th Ad Diabetes Diary.

There are still ways to go back, it is easier to get that confidence

Stage 76 The Bugs and balance issues have been crushed, and more than the Bethesda Better yet another, it is a method of adding spectacular glass and multiplayer to the social media.

Patch is now available Stage 76 PC, and it will cost you 500MB of space on the platform. The consoles will be upgraded next week, and the PS4 and Xbox One will be 4GB packed for both. Already provide space for your space at home!

Although it has a lot of household amenities for tattooing, it is one ton. There have been several minutes since the inception and like the Lugar active rifle recovery process. Power tools are now brighter to deliver a unique style, with servers further consolidating.

those large Focusing is to stop the copying of items or stop duping them. It's a common problem of online games that are not regularly watched. The Betisida team were humiliated during holidays during vacation. Now they try to prevent it.

Virtually every aspect 76 Because the update has been sent by you (sent by enemies, challenges, inventions, items, PVPs), make sure to read all when you are still playing regularly. You can find the following complete files:

Fallout 76 Patch Notes – January 10, 2019 [Bethesda]


The sizes for this update are approximately 4GB for the console and about 500MB for the PC.

  • PC:
  • PS4: Next week
  • Xbox: Next week

The computer is being updated for the first time to follow next week. Undelete changes are not available.


  • Power baitPower Armor light is bright.
  • Performance– Several improvements have been made to the performance of the game.
  • Stability: The Fallout 76's client and clientele have been further enhanced.


  • Barls stupid: Increasing the Gatling Laser Damage by the Charging Barrels model.
  • Shiny : Shiggizens will not be given even a larger amount of XP. D: Glodgles provided great Boss XP XP benefits, when they were combined with the Nooks, they were extremely useful.
  • Cutting: Decreased source of power sources in amphibian fusion centers.
  • CuttingPrepare the minimum component cost for 2 workshop buildings for steel, timber or plastic.
  • Bob Pines: Bobby Pins weight was reduced from 0.1 to 0.001.


  • Groups: Players already receive notifications "Groups will not be generated through 76 volts."


  • Pīvipī: Opening the right of players is considered PVP as an anticipated delivery of cargo.


Stability and performance

  • [Xbox One] Performance: Blocking the main frame blocks further reduces efficiency.
  • [PC] Infinitely heavy: An unlimited weight screen has been fixed when trying to connect to a server on a computer.
  • break down: A breakdown was possible when opening the Pip-Boy.
  • Performance: Improve server performance by looking at a nuclear explosion.
  • Performance: After reading a note, a problem with a suspending background has been resolved.
  • PerformanceMore efficiency in areas with burning statues.


  • systemA problem that can integrate item items is confirmed.
  • [PC] controlRestore defaults can not be reinstalled. Most inquiries can not be used.
  • [PC] control: Problems will arise when the controls of the Settings menu are not updated in the menu if the Gamepad controller is not updated.
  • system: The problem of reducing weight has been solved at risk of losing value to Amtari Modok.
  • system: The rade will not be completely removed when repeatedly dying.
  • system: Call a problem that can be brought to geometry after the players move quickly.
  • system: The enemy will collect missiles into the cement rigged with a rifle or grenade with an enemy of an enemy.

Art and subscription

  • Animation: The Live-Ripple is now correctly spreading the shock.
  • Effects: Consumed berry Mentats now shows a bright purple period around players and creatures.

CAAMC, Workshops, and Review

  • Cutting: 25th weapon and high level of need now need ballistic fibers.
  • Repairs: Components required to repair high-level weapons and tools have been reduced to 20%. D– To reduce the high cost, there is enough space for spending rooms.
  • Cutting: Before the 20th level, you need a 25mm array of photovoltaic armor
  • Cutting: The recipe that makes up the Boqueric Acid required for 15 acids is updated.
  • Cutting: An appropriately-attached park card has resolved an issue that has prevented the production of antibiotics and diseases of the pimple (digital David).
  • Cutting"Selected impurities" will not be "removed" when it is selected.
  • RepairsTotal repair costs have been reduced both for weapons and weapons.
  • Cutting: Ballistic Fiber is now required to repair the 25th and high-end warranty kits before the 20th stage.
  • Workshop: Resolving problems to some of the workshops, workshops are not appropriate. Among the places are: Charleston Resort, Lakeside Cabin and Sunshine Medoo.
  • Workshop: When the workshop menu is closed, sometimes the workshops of the works solved the problem floating in the air.
  • WorkshopThe straw collector will not be further disturbed if the straw form is destroyed without further repair.
  • Sī.ē.em.pī. / Workshops: They will not be allowed to lay on the work bags of worn clocks anymore on the floor / ceilings. Note: There is a problem for this problem, but it added incorrectly to these entries.
  • Sī.ē.em.pī. / Workshops: When trying to place a high or low text under the roof, a problem that is "not available" is resolved.
  • Blue: A problem with a wireless cable cost has been resolved in paper storage.
  • Cutting: An issue that a problem can not be resolved through some sort of storage tab.
  • Workshop: Some stored items obtained from a public workshop can not be repeatedly repatriated.
  • Cutting: Visual problems have been resolved with the rest of the Masthead's items.
  • Cutting: Determination of the size of an iron car, less than what is shown on the modi-style models.
  • Cutting: An exhibit problem that has been resolved may have an inappropriate number in the output menu of the Junk Items.


  • Daily challengesA few days there was a daily set of challenges that stabilized. WB: "Select a wild flower", "Microbottish plants" and "Harvest weed weeds and cannabis".
  • Daily challenge: "Wild wild fries" has a problem solved daily by challenging some wild flowering.
  • Weekly challenge: The weekly challenge "Complete quests and events completed by a full night service team" are resolved during the evening. At nighttime, look at the completed quests and events.
  • Weekly challengeDescribe the weekly challenge accurately.
  • Sub challenge: Some problems have been resolved with the requested photo completion template.
  • Sub challenge: Some problems have been resolved to ensure that some Bobblehead challenge is expected to be completed.
  • Sub challenge: A problem has been fixed for a problem that has been marked as a fake.
  • Life's miserable: Some problems have been resolved after a few years of exit.


  • Robots: Problems have been solved for frequent reactions to Whitesprings.
  • It dried upWasteland Whisperer has an issue that can affect the kidney. WB: Objects Visters can not be burnt further.
  • It dried up: Legs have been swallowed and their weapons are not broken.
  • It dried upA problem that can be used to use invisible weapons is closed.
  • It dried up: The problem seems to have been resolved when dead bodies of explosive debris and dispersed guns have passed.


  • Weapons: In some cases, an explosive light-sill-free weapon to damage plasma weapons, explosions, and flame silly, and other players and creatures is not determined.
  • Weapons: The issue of energy malfunctioning players has sometimes resolved the problem of recovering powerful weapons.
  • WeaponsThere are several issues that will prevent the players from dropping off the bouncing force and, at times, some of the issues that will not allow Pip Boy to subdue.
  • Weapons: A Gouache rifle has been resolved as a rifle. Now Rifle privileges can be applied to Gouves rifles.
  • Tool selling machinesSome stomachers have confirmed a problem that was sold by sales repairs.
  • WeaponsTreasure hunting rifles will be plundered
  • Weapons: A lot of problems have been resolved to reduce the cost of the walk.
  • Weapons: Some Pocketed Chest Pieces have resolved their weight-bearing problem in regaining the game again.
  • Weapons: After the Power Armor was eliminated, the players were resolved to a problem that could leave a malicious chassis.
  • Magazine: The magazine Life Long Life Scrolls 6 is now reducing food and water statistics slowly.
  • WeaponsThe launch of the M79 Grenade is now considered a defenseless weapon, but rather an explosive weapon from time to time.
  • Fischer Centers: Fusion Core Generator The windows have been manufactured at a lower speed. Now they go back 8 times / now.
  • Magazine: The Backwoodsman 2 magazine stabilized to increase Tomohawk's damage.
  • Milk eggs: There are no separate eggs separated by the Miluller Big Harvest.
  • Weapons: Several warfare automatic retract modules were prevented to prevent automatic rifle aero bonus payouts.
  • WeaponsThe problem that could be arisen in one period is resolved.
  • Weapons: The Vampire Weapons Module is now operating only when the desired lifetime is attacked.
  • WeaponsPower Armor Parts have an issue that has been resolved on pre-assembled parts.
  • Weapons: A problem with a certain weapon is fixed with an enemy and will add the enemy stock to the pool of the magazine.
  • WeaponsFusion Cores no longer fit for a full charge.

Questions and Events

  • "Cut off": "Drop drop drop incident" event will now be removed from the Holotep used by the player who made the request for the supply.
  • QuestDaily prizes can be obtained only once a day.
  • The "Weli Line": The problem with a search engine has already been fixed with a search in Sand Lane. If the Sonic Generator has already been repaired, the next step will be to make progress.
  • "Recruitment Blues": A problem with the goal, and the players did not disrupt the "Junk Mail Find" to prevent the players from "World Cup".
  • "Second Aid"Following position after mapping the map "Second Helpings": Slocum's Joe, Gauley Mine, Morgantown Traineard, Morgantown Airport.


  • The whole nightHunger and thirst grow throughout the night all night.
  • Increase: Overdrive has been fixed a problem with a potential lack of chance.
  • Quack surgeonQuack Surgeon will no longer allow the revival of the enemy.
  • Odd in counting: The unusual effects of counting can now be accurately measured in several groups (properly distorted).
  • PigmentThe errors have been corrected by doubling the energy resistance of each grade of the resistor grade.
  • Fayarfofṭ: Burning now causes a 15% loss to reduce the burst and fire.
  • Good cameras: Super Camer is now c. When the rattlesnake conditions are refreshed.
  • Butter's Bunty: An already resolved problem has been resolved to restart the bush's boots again.
  • Home: Hombuik Pike is now on schedule at a government workshop.
  • Colored men / women: Bird / Girl Affects active alcoholic beverage on the player.


  • Groups: When team players try to overtake a program, the fighter can not be unreasonably attacked. Your player will enter the PVP with a hitter player.
  • ṬiyarēsWorkshops will terate players. Workshop owner is in PvP.


  • system: A player's bouncing deletes their intimate conversation.
  • Trade: Players have solved a problem that may be displayed by another player's inventory before responding to trade shows.
  • Trade: We do not sell any more than we agreed to trade.
  • Trade: The problem is resolved after the trading with a previous player that the transfer mode menu is empty.
  • Trade: Real Zimmy Timing will no longer "use" at the top of the menu instead of "welcome" to zero.
  • Trade: Player-to-player trades have changed from 5000 to 25000.


  • Chat: Calling out of the store is a question that does not always handle the soundtrack.
  • Atomic store: සමහර පරමාණුක වෙළඳසල් අන්තර්ගතය ශබ්ද ශබ්ද බලපෑමක් නොමැති වූ ගැටළුවක් විසඳා ඇත.
  • පරමාණුක වෙළඳසැල: "රැවුල වැසීමේ" ශබ්දය ක්රියාත්මක වන්නේ දැන් "ප්රාන්ත" වලදී පමණි.

පරිශීලක අතුරු මුහුණත

  • ජනරාල්: ක්රීඩකයන් පළමු වතාවට නැවත උත්පාදනය කරන විට පරමාණුක වෙළඳසැල සඳහා උත්පතන යාවත්කාලීන නොලැබෙනු ඇත.
  • [PC] යෝජනාව: පර්ක් පැක් ආරම්භක තිරය දැන් 21: 9 මොනිටරයේ දාරයට විහිදේ.
  • පරමාණුක වෙළඳසැලපරමාණුක වෙළඳසැල අක්රියව පවතින විට පරමාණුක වෙළඳසැලක ක්රීඩකයින් දැන් දැනුම් දෙනු ලබන අතර ප්රධාන මෙනුවට ආපසු ගෙන යනු ලැබේ.
  • [PC] ෆෝපෙරනිමි දර්ශන සැකසුම වෙනස් කර ඇති විට, සාවද්ය ආයුධ විශාලනය කිරීමේදී ගැටළුවක් නිරාකරණය කර ඇත.
  • පීවිපී: මෙම ක්රීඩකයන් එකිනෙකා සමඟ සටන්වල ​​නිරත වන විට PVP විමසුම නැවත නැවතත් දර්ශණය වන ගැටළුව විසඳා ඇත.

ඔබ ඉවත් වී ඇත. ලොගින් වන්න ලියාපදිංචි වන්න

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