Tuesday , September 27 2022

One of Britain’s most talented finalists, the United States, was hospitalized with serious injuries after a stunt went wrong.


An artist who escaped from Britain has been hospitalized by air due to a serious mishap during a rehearsal in Got Talent, USA.

Jonathan Goodwin of Wales reached the semi-finals of Simon Cowell’s American Exhibition last year as well as the semi – finals of the 2019 Got Talent Tournament in the UK.

He was training at the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton, Georgia on Thursday when he was swept between two cars in the Middle East and fell dozens of feet, according to multiple reports.

The stunt resulted in the rescue doctor being released and falling to the ground before being hit by a vehicle.

The 41-year-old was “responsive” and “immediately rushed to the hospital, where he will continue to receive medical treatment,” an AGT spokesman said. People Magazine.

The agent said that our thoughts and prayers will be directed to him and his family as we look forward to further updates on his condition.

A statement from the Henry County Sheriff’s Department said Jonathan was hospitalized with serious injuries.

“He sustained serious injuries to his legs and was airlifted to Gandhinagar Hospital,” the statement said.

He was transported in critical condition but is currently alive, awake and well.

“There are currently no plans for a criminal investigation and further investigations will be carried out by the AGT.”

NGC has promoted eight episodes of its highly successful America’s Got Talent series, promoting AGT: Extreme. Theater stage. ”

Production of the show, which is scheduled to air in 2022, has been suspended following the accident.

Earlier this week, rumors of Jonathan’s engagement spread after he and his girlfriend, Sherlock star Amanda Abington, made an official visit to Instagram after a nine – month love affair.

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