Monday , May 23 2022

Online shift cancellation will still provide access to some ‘animal crossroads’ DLC features


Only a few Animal Crossing: New Horizons DLC features are available if you cancel Nintendo Switch Online.

Yesterday (October 15) at the latest Nintendo Switch online launch, Nintendo finally unveiled the first ever paid DLC. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Has been called A happy home paradise.

The publisher confirmed it A happy home paradise It opens on November 5 and is priced at 22 22.49 ($ 24.99). Additionally, DLC is also available as part of the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Package membership layer.

Following the revelation, Animal crossing Fans are wondering what this means if they want to cancel the Switch Online + Expansion Package, as it includes a feature called Paradise Planner, which allows players to travel to the islands to design homes for the DLC’s rural population.

Nintendo has removed this, confirming that players still have access to certain features: “Athletes may still have access to some of the things they have unlocked. Animal Crossing: New Horizons – A happy home paradise On their main island, even with access to it, including counters, partition walls and surrounding lighting and the addition of loudspeakersNimal Crossing: New HorizonsA happy home paradise Suspended.

However, players will not be able to enter the archipelago if they lose access to the DLC. You will need to purchase a DLC separately or renew your Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Package membership to return to the Archipelago to request vacation home design.

DLC will be introducing Brewster and his Cafe de Roost with the Paradise Planner feature. Animal crossing The character, Capone, is also added to the DLC and will be found by the Island Post on his boat when it launches. In addition, new decorating and custom items as well as a new farming and culinary craftsman and many more are available.

In other news, The New World Athletes have created their own miniature map to navigate the open world of MMO.

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