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Our galaxy was responsible for a disruptive conflict

(ANN) – The astronomers estimate that the Andromeda galaxy is now clashing with our Milky Way galaxy from our 8 billion years, and another is believed to be in a comeback.

A massive Magellanic cloud will be disastrous with the Milky Way in just 2 billion years


Monthly Announcement of the Royal Astronomical Society They believe the long-term effects. Our solar system will have the opportunity to travel by space.

Our galaxy is orbited by small satellite galaxies, which is a weakening dance for billions of years. At other times, a violent turning point occurs, and the Chandrika junction can be migrated to the storm until the Chandrika galaxy hits it.

Large Magellanic Clouds rotate around the Milky Way and have entered the ends of the universe 1.5 billion years ago. Now we have the brightest satellite galaxy, 163,000 light-years from the Milky Way. Previously, astronomers thought that the gravity of the Milky Way was moving in a quiet, long orbit or speed.

But new surveys suggest that this small satellite galaxy has hidden a huge secret and has a larger mass than expected. This means that the huge Magalanic cloud will lose its energy and will lead to a collision with the Milky Way.

"The destruction of the huge Magellanic cloud by the Milky Way is a disaster with our galaxy, and it transforms our Milky Way into a" functioning galaxy, or a nucleus, "a black hole in the center of which is a studied author and a postgraduate author of the University of Durham University School of Computing Graduate Marius Couton says.

What exactly does it mean?

"This phenomenon will produce strong jets from high-temperature radiation, which will occur outside the black hole," said Cratun. "This does not cause our solar system to be affected, and we have a small chance that we will not escape the conflict between the two galaxies that can trample us towards the Milky Way and the reservoir."

For a minimum of 2 billion years, we are free to sound, which is much less than the period of the Universe: 13.8 billion years. The Milky Way galaxy is 13.5 billion years old and therefore there are clashes in galaxies?

"We think that there is just a little bit of our galaxy with the smallest mass of galaxies," said Alice Dawson, co-author of the Durham University Computer Science Department and researcher of the Royal Society of Social Sciences. "This is very appealing compared to the Milky Way galaxy, similar to the Milky Way galaxy, for example, the giant Andromeda galaxy, our nearest neighbor, destroyed more than 30 times the galaxy consumed by the Milky Way." The huge Magellanic cloud lasted for a long time Our galaxy needs to be traditional. "

If our solar system does not cross the space, the galaxy's spectrum can be seen from the Earth's perspective. The researchers suggested that violent events shaped the universe in the long-run.

"As a major impediment to the solar system, our generation will have to endure any disaster, as a major impediment to the solar system, as a giant black hole exploded in the center of our galaxy, a spectacular scene reacts with very bright energetic radiation," said Drum University Computer Science Department Co-editor and director Carlo Frank b Shout.

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