Tuesday , January 19 2021

P.E.I. Queen Elizabeth Hospital donates $ 10 million to a rally radar heaviest Local | news

Charlotte, PA – PE The cancer patient's treatment center will have long-lasting promise in the form of a new linear accelerator.

After announcing the launch in 2016, a new $ 10 million TrueBeam line accelerator platform was launched in a media event Friday afternoon. This machine will provide more accurate radiation treatment for cancer patients across the country. It will allow small tumors to be treated, and can treat cancer patients, such as the spine, liver, and brain.

Pī.ī. Currently, the Cancer Treatment Center is run by two line edges. The new unit, which was installed in 2003, will be rebuilt. Line Theracons provide about 9,200 radiotherapy a year.

"We know that cancer spread across the country should be treated considerably, with approximately 900 cancer patients diagnosed every year, and about 400 of them die from their illness," said Dr. Larry Penn, Patient Patient, PCI.

"The magnitude and significance of cancer treatment in the island is extremely important." I urge all islanders from Tishsh to Sarisis. "

We know that over 900 cancer patients are diagnosed every year, and 400 people die from their disease, and the size and significance of cancer in the island is of paramount importance to all cancer patients from all Islanders tigers That would affect it. "
-Ācārya. Larry

Pī.ī. Eye. The rate of cancer death was considered. Strokes, diabetes, respiratory diseases, accidents and suicides are higher than the death rate.

The new linear accelerator allows the patient to obtain a more accurate and better treatment.

"One thing that the patient is willing to do with radiation treatment is how can their treatment be taken back to the country?" "He said.

A substitute for other line accelerators from 2022 to 2023 is planned, said Minister of Health Robert Mitchell. The new units will provide new units to minimize the number of patients by providing both savings to both patients and the healthcare system.

"Investing on world-class technology has made it possible to develop cancer in our province by providing updated options for current treatments and new cancer patients." "Mitchell said.

Liberal's 2015 pledge was a linear accelerator. The initial cost was $ 8 million. The money for acceleration started in the Capital Budget in 2016.


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