Wednesday , February 24 2021

Public servants are being paid less after problems with the new pay system

Some public servants in Alberta have been paid less for weeks after the introduction of a new pay management system.

The provincial government confirmed to CBC News that the large-scale transition to the 1GX program in December had led to the payment of “a small percentage” of Alberta’s government staff. See how many they mentioned.

“We understand the interest of the staff in this. We will resolve these issues as soon as possible. We hope the issues experienced will not be a long-term issue,” an Alberta spokesman for Services said in a statement.

Service Alberta says they will work to resolve the issues and make payments to the affected staff.

However, the Alberta Provincial Employees Union (AUPE) says up to 5,000 workers could be affected by the payroll program problems. They say employees in the Corrections, Social Services and Fisheries and Wildlife sectors have complained. The union works with the employer and technical support to resolve the issue.

Some members have reportedly lost up to 40 percent of their salary, while others miss out on premiums for working evenings or weekend shifts.

“We definitely do not want to see what happened to the Phoenix system,” said Susan Slade, vice president of the association. That defeat resulted in tens of thousands of federal public servants being overpaid, underpaid or not paid at all due to a new, newly released pay system.

1GX is a group of business applications intended to integrate services through the Government of Alberta. Manages payments and invoices for employees, contractors and other services using a variety of software.

AUPE says management and employees have not been adequately trained on the new system before transferring employees.

The service began operations in fiscal year 2020 at a cost of $ 79.6 million, according to Alberta documents.

“The system is clearly not capable of handling 20,000 workforce complexes,” Slade said.

“This method should never be introduced until it is truly appropriate.”

The union says it expects large-scale grievances if the issues are not resolved in a timely manner.

In 2018-2019, the Government of Alberta paid over one million invoices electronically, which is about 85% of all invoices. The target set by the ministry was to increase it to 92 percent of invoices by 2023.

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