Wednesday , January 20 2021

'Rainfall': In southern Brazil, the airline is home to world news

In the summer of South Brazil, this week's heat rose, and some of those who were eager to come up with some of the hooves were some startling.

People living in a rural area in the state of Jerez in the South Minnesota have reported "rain fallen spiders."

Photographs and videos shared on social media show hundreds of hanging spies perched on the sky.

One of the most popular channels, Jado Pedro Martalntali Fonseka, traveled to the grandmother's grandmothership, Eratitio Santo, in the city of Dorado, 250 kilometers northwest of São Paulo, when the sky covered the sky.

He was especially "amazed and feared," said a newspaper in a newspaper.

The grandmother of Jurisina Mutella told another local newspaper: "There were many web and spiders more than what can be seen on the video, we've seen this before, always in darkness always."

In 2013, the phenomenon was registered as a "deer spider" around the phone line of the people of Santo Antônio de Platina in the South Broadband of South Brazil.

For spiders seem to fall from heaven, they seem to be hanging in huge giants to catch victims. Adalberto Doos Santos, an expert on the prediction of Minas Geras at the Federal University.

This spider species, Paracesaia BystriaIt is a rare "social" spider, because it builds websites that build up the community, because it does not fully know that spiders are flying.

Dusk Santos says that a red bird is dying in the yagulese giant plant to create a huge web ceiling hanging between bushes between bushes and bushes during the day. Each web site has a thickness of four meters and three meters high.

Prehistoric breakfast on the prey early in the morning – usually minor insects, but sometimes small birds, even before retreating to the vegetation.

Seeing the sparkling clouds could not be so enthusiastic. But Dos Santos said that humans had nothing to fear. The disparity of this species is not harmful to people and makes it a bit calmer than rough cords.

Dos Santos said that the spiderweb spawning network was to control insects such as flies and mosquitoes coming out during the rough feast.

"They give us more benefits than they do to us."

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