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Rare & # 39; Sup Blood Volf Chun & # 39;

Alex Antoskin, CTW Edmonton

Published on Sunday, January 20, 2019 4:26 PM MST

Last Updated on January 20, 2019 4:53 PM MST

"Super Blood Volf Chun" is quite rumored, but astronomers are just enough to go out on the night outdoors on Edmontonians.

If people are looking for the full moon, the full moon is a moon. That is, the moon Wolf slowly drifts into the Earth's shadows in January. The moon is less. Then the planet's star is reddened. "Said Planetarium and space director Frank Flowien, Teles World of Science Edmonton.

Describes why this event was called "Blood Moon". Florian said to the other's name. "A point from the nearest moon to the moon to the moon is called the Super Moon."

Finally, the Wolverine section comes from the pre-Roman moons of January.

Florin expects to distance itself from the technology for the "best exposition" of humans. Super Blood Moon The Edmonton Television 9:41 & 10:43 AM

Unlike solar eclipse, eclipse is easy to see without special equipment. Despite light pollution, it is visible in the city limits.

"It's always amazing, especially for young children who have not seen anything like this, and they are scared."

Teles World of Science Observatory is open until Sunday midnight.

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