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Regardless of the roller coaster connection, Kanex is looking for a way to win the shootout


Vancouver Canucks are two goals ahead, breaking a two-goal deficit. They get up, go down, win the shootout, and the shootout is defeated. They are shouting or cheering the other group of spectators.

Dude, what a season. Those were just the first two games of the Canucks.

With the National Hockey League of Vancouver on its 80s schedule, it’s too early for anyone without a self-made imitation model to be certainly branded as good or bad at Canucks, but they’m still had a lot of fun to watch. Fun seems to be important as the NHL and its fans reunite in the stadiums after the COVID-19 split.

On the road to a hostile building – the Philadelphia fans could be hostile with any team, including their own team – in the final 2 minutes of the third period on Friday, the Canucks were two goals ahead and held the overtime power before a 5-4 victory. Flyer goalie Carter Hart in a shootout with a pumpkin again.

The Bungee game came after the opening defeat of the Canucks season in Edmonton on Wednesday, where they trailed by two goals to just 3-2 in a clash with the Oilers.

The bottom line is that this is an imperfect club, with a bunch of new players and old players still unavailable, and the six-game road trip has started with an average of 3 out of 4 points. .

Kanex coach Travis Greene said at the end of Friday, “We’ve got better as the game progresses. “We were not so good in the first season. Philly has imprisoned us in our region. I didn’t think we had slippery legs. We talked to the team after the first one, and I really like the way they responded. The second period is good. I thought our third season might be our best.

“For the most part, I’ve loved five of the six seasons so far, and it’s a pleasure to present ours tonight.”

Demo without bubbles

Whenever Canucks goalkeeper Thatcher Demo plays well, the nickname “Bubble Demco” now seems mostly ironic, as he did so frequently from the short, bright cameo on the playoff bubble two summers ago. His identity needs a deeper (and more up-to-date) foundation.

Due to the ups and downs at the end of the game, Demco’s great work in the beginning seemed like the only cane on the Flyers’ list, but it was easy to ignore. Philadelphia scored the first eight goals of the game, beating Vancouver 14-5 in the first 20 minutes to take a 1-0 lead. And that goal was a coincidence, and Joan Farabie bounced back to hit the ball to defender Tucker Pullman.

The key to Friday’s victory was that Demco was better than Hart, who had been tough in midfield before making a bunch of guards in the final 25 minutes.

But during the shootout, Demco looked at Sean Couturier and Claude Girox, while Hart was severely beaten by Elias Peterson and JT Miller. Hart somehow managed to quell his anger at Peterson, leaving the Canucks’ best player with tons of open nets to the left of the goalkeeper.

“At the last second, I (my shotgun) changed because I saw there was an opening in the side of the lower glove,” Peterson explained. “So when I saw the opening I went to it.”

Lost leadership

Philadelphia were able to return after a controversial summons against Canucks defender Oliver Ekman-Larson and a suspicious icing call that Vancouver winger Matthew Heimore had been beaten. But there was not enough talk about concealing the wicket between the third and fourth flyer goals when Canucks captain Bo Horwart unnecessarily fired a shot into the net with his blue stripe.

Harvard normally defended against five or six, but at 18:48 Giroux’s tying was preceded by a 120 – foot net net that could have slipped with a puck or made a soft chip in the icing.

“Icing is one of the plays you want to get back to, but I thought he (Hymor) beat it,” Greenin said.


They scored four times as part of the Canucks’ second-half rise, and tied it at 2:36 after scoring his first NHL goal thanks to the immaculate and indelible spirit of New Zealand’s Vasily Podkolsin.

After a great game by Tyler Myers in the neutral zone, Podkolsin was able to move the right-hander to the back of the net. Three years ago, Peterson scored his famous first goal against Mike Smith and the Calgary Flames with a similar shot.

“I was excited about him because when he scored I remembered 2018 when I gave up my first goal,” Peterson said. “The joy I felt was like something that exploded inside my mind. I mean (Podcolcin) is very hardworking and always comes to training with a smile, so he’s a great person to be on the team and I’m really happy to be the first one there. ”

Greene said: “We were joking with him this morning. I told him I had a feeling I was going to get one tonight. Very cool to look at. It was a special occasion that you will never forget. Everyone knows. . . It’s hard to go to this league. And to achieve that first goal, you often dream about it at a young age. ”

Love Moman

Miller said he did not feel that the Flyers had taken the game away from Canucks in the third delay. Thanks to the privilege of playing in front of 19,338 screaming fans at the Wells Fargo Center, what did he feel at that moment other than confidence?

“You don’t have to give up two goals in the last two minutes,” Miller said. “But at the beginning of the overtime work, I looked at the crowd and it gave me a cool feeling to feel it again. That’s a big reason we play. We need fans; They should be here. It was a very rocky atmosphere. I definitely took a step back before working overtime, and I realized how lucky and lucky we were to have the fans back. ”

More good stuff

We need a thousand more words to fully unleash this game, but the Canucks twin dynamo, Connor Garland and Nils Hoaglander always seemed to be on the prowl or hunting. They are great. But another forward who has a really good but little love, Jason Dickinson scored 5 and 10 hits to test the center and scored 80.1 percent of the expected goals. Five.

In the end, it was fun

For the second consecutive game, Peterson hit six sixes in the face-off, scoring 0-7. No one asked him about it when he got the zoom after the game.

“No problems with the face?” He was silent as he left the microphone. “They will be better.”

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