Wednesday , January 20 2021

Rock 's Generation Snowflake & # 39; Never interviewed (video)

Talk about the Rock Daily Star Since he said that the interview never took place, "the generation was snowing" and did not respond to it.

The original video of Instagram's dismissal of the first interview, the words never were told, and the interview was not:

Make the report straightforward.
The interview will never happen.
Never used these words.
100% false.
If somebody has a problem with someone, a group, a community or a generation – I should find them, create a conversation, and make every effort to understand them.
Criticism is not my style.
I do not stone, should we all be who we are?
#millies #plurales # Boomers # Tequila Generation

This article was 100% totally inaccurate and the views of those who have been published in the interview were not genuine and that was not him.

Today's Daily Star commented on the following comments: The Rock:

"That's democracy. Many of the goodies of the day fought for independence and equality. But this generation is seeking a cause for hurtling. If you do not disagree with them, they are very embarrassed, and then many great men and women have not fought. "

"We are thanked now," says 46-year-old Beefecke, "in a world where 30 or 40 years have improved." "People can want to, and who they like, and live their way. It can only be a good thing – but the generation's snowflake or whatever you want to call them is actually pulling us back. "

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